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  1. I have to say if I had to spend the next 2 last years with anyone I'd have to say Quay would be very high on the list.
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    Does she turn into a pumpkin in 2012 or something?
  3. I have met many hundreds of thousands of people in my life Quay is few and far between.
  4. I'm gonna say this once and hope nobody is offended...Quay as far as I can tell is the only woman that cares to give us guys the time of day...she sure as **** smells better than you too. We need her input.
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    Wow! Thank you George!I am glad that at least 1 person understands! Really...do you think I like being ridiculed? I have done the research...I can't link you to death as I am on my cell phone internet and it forces a person to do their own research...while we stil can! For those that care to know...in 1995 my handle was QuaysarLady2000 on yahoo...I shortened it to Quay as I was being hounded all over the internet for im's and that was my handle on EA sports need for speed racing and gaming forum..I dont profess to "know it all" but the recent discoveries are down right ugly IMO and all I can say is tell as many people as you can...just knowing about it helps everyone so you can prepare...look at it this way...wouldn't you rather be prepared if something happens than to be ambushed in surprise! When Nibiru can be seen by the naked eye by the whole world then I believe the perverbial turd will hit the fan THEY won't be able to hide it anymore! AND it will be too late for most...Get it?
  6. I don't know how anyone can prepare for a planet X event. Life has no guaranties it can end for any of us at any time. I just noticed the way you have responded to some pretty rude remarks and am impressed by it. It amazes me how people post stuff online I hope they would never say to your face.
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    Well, I have come to the realization some people just need to make another feel bad, it doesn't phase me...
    Yowusa and Marshal Masters has updated his site since I first found it on good friday last year...It looks like he is profiting like zev says but as far as I know it still takes money to keep up web sites and push the pencil so we can be educated...however he has a blurb on how to cope with family and friends ridicule...there is so much more to say about what is really going on, but lets see how this thread acts first...hey mods can you fix the name of the thread to just read Quay or Quizay lol..? BTW geo n texas u will be in the line of fire for sticking up for me...
    How do u prepare...well a good friend of mine is preparing without really knowing he is..he's buying camping stuff a little at a time every month, as he is getting ready to leave this town completely equipped on his MB and go towards the desert...getting off the coast is paramount as the solomon islands are not letting up earthquake wise and with the desalination of the oceans and higher seas as a result the melting of the poles and what that does is stop the convection for weather to start in Africa and blow the clouds to make rain for the earth...there is also another threat which had the astrophysicist Michiukaku saying the sun has begun it's solar maximum and he for warned on CNN that not only was the sun going to have increased solar flare activity but that they were going to have a new Y class even worse than an X class CME one can see what the sun and space is up 2 at www.spaceweather.com
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    Yea I was reading about the Solar Max, They were saying the it will be a big problem for our communications sat's.. Joe Q public won't take it serious until direct TV goes down !!! Or the GPS system craters !!!
    It's time to stock up on the SPF 500 !!!!!
    On the upside I might have ocean front property in 20 years !!!
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    watch Conspiracy Theory :Ventura

    Hi again...well on trutv at 9pm pacific time is about secret societies for which I believe from what I have uncovered the House of Rothchild in England own us and the federal reserve...they are in deep with the iluminati... Jesse Ventura is angry about what he found out as governor and he is spilling the beans about it and is investigating them every which way he can..I found the secret organization to spy on citizens is called INFRA-GUARD as in infrastructure guarding...and the 10pm show is about a government program that allegedly uses mind control to create assassins out of regular citizens...wow doesnt that sound like its out of a movie?

    Let me tell you all what I found out about that...
    Google THE MAUNTAUK PROJECT, Serge Monast a Canadien reporter was killed trying to expose it! I believe it's true too...but once again look into it for yourselves...this is so evil what they are planning it's really out of this world, out of this realm it makes your head spin...
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    I was once told that approximately every 50 years or so, the Rothchilds and the Debiers families play games with the world economy. They are the most wealthy families in the whole world. Money can easily corrupt. Greed is the root of all evil.
    I do not doubt for a second that either family is deep into the illuminati or other long standing "secret societies".
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    Based on the shows we are screwed 6 ways 2 sunday...but I have a correction, the BILDERBERG GROUP runs the world monetary system the Rothchilds, Hearsts, and elite etc etc are the chosen ones and they feel there are too many people so they are slowly killing us in our food... ie.aspartame is a poison that kills us slowly and the plan is to create a pandemic and force us to take the vaccine which they will add sqaline, a poison that binds with the human cell and invades the imune system kinda like gulf war syndrome... google that one...the second show was about the real Manchurien canidate under PROJECT TALENT Duncan Finius is the black ops warrior they mind controlled, he had a car wreck found the implant in his head durring an MRI... the shows are airing again at 1am until 3am pacific time tonite on Trutv...It scared the ****e out of me...I want to move when i get my taxes! Personally we have a greater problem than planet x
    those that will refuse the vaccine will be forced into a haulocaust style concentration camp to be gased as in genocide! I have seen the videos on u tube google nwo sift through the vids and u can spot bs and whats not! well nite I still have 2 go to work and take care of the sick and infermed...
  12. I'm not sure about all the conspiracy theories I am sure tons of stuff has always gone on behind closed doors. Most judges and police are masons. I know there is going to be a genocide of Christians some day who refuse the mark of the beast. The last days will also be marked with plagues which very well could be created by scientists. I've heard they put the swine flu vacine out without the normal test period.

    Having said all this I also know most decisions made out of fear are usually wrong. This life is a walk of faith. Fear will grip you and make you ineffective much as a person freezes climbing a ladder when they look down. I know God is in control ultimately.
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    Bet ya'll thought this thread was dead...NOT...

    Check this out when I got home tonight I was thinking about what I had just

    witnessed at a friends house on youtube in the crop circle part of the vids

    here is the vid we saw here:


    On my drive home, I asked the universe to show me what it meant and this is what I found....

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLBePbCxhCA

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kyt1VxyD3Mg

    3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hqAg0_QwMc&feature=related

    4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pgs-3Vz4vg&feature=fvw

    5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAhDlWZfOjw&feature=related

    I havn't even watched 3- 4 or 5 yet but know this is very significant!!!

    What a great time we are living in for those that open their mind and let go!

    A whole lot of people are going to suffer needlessly, but help is on the way!

    So relax treat others right and keep building something...hope graucho sees

    this he would know how to make the SOB! Enjoy the ride! AND DON'T

    FORGET YOUR HELMUT:helmet: :whistling: :dunce: :detective:

    Well all I can say is WOW...I watched all 5 videos and I need to send this to graucho myself he could

    build this thing I am sure...Answers I just love em...
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    Don't be decieved.
    The ones behind the crop circles are not from outer space, but from another dimension. That dimension is the spiritual realm.
    They are attempting to set- up a diversionary tactic.
    Two types of intelligences are out there - good, and evil pretending to be good.
    UFOs- physical objects cannot turn into multiple objects,
    cannot travel at 15000 mph, making right angle turns,
    suddenly disappear,
    suddenly appear,
    show up on radar but not visibly,
    be seen visibly but not on radar.

    BUT spiritual entities can.
    DO Not Be Drawn In To Deception.

  15. This is no new idea that spiritual beings surround us:

    Second Kings 6:17 And Elisha prayed, and said, LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.
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    UFO's are the cruise ships of the future...
    We come back in time to see how it all got so jacked up !!!!!!
    Just wait till they find the GOD partical at CERN
    With it the fabric of time can be distorted ..
    Interesting times coming up !!!!!
    And also the Fusion Laser at Larance livermore lab's. If it's works the entire word power structure would shift, Oil would be worthless.. That would be awesome IMO....
    We could tell the arabs that apple will cost you $ 100.00 oh yea if you give us any carp your food shipment gets cut off !!!!
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    dont you understand that is what the second amendment is for??? Why do you think the elite and the liberals are anti gun rights???

    Anti-gun legislation is as much about keeping people safe as health care legislation is about pre-existing conditions.

    Just stripping us of our rights and our guns so that we can be hearded and either controlled or exterminated.
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    Praise the Lord and pass the Ammo !!!!!!!!!!
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    GOD BLESS TEXAS... :helmet:
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    The violence rate in up- close encounters with UFOs is the same as in the worst prisons in the nation. This is telling you something about the nature of them.
    Traumatization, physical and sexual invasion are prevalent in UFO encounters.

    You can joke about this stuff, but there are plenty of things we don't know a lot about and this is one of them.