Quenton Whizzbanger Helmutt

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    Quenton G. Whizzbanger Helmutt

    OK as a few Of You Know.. I have tapped Lee Quenton Guenther out to Build us a Pumped Whizz Banger Motor.. and I am Happy to say I have It on one of our Bikes and running now with a Serious Thumper lope.. let her run Up and get warmed slightly.. rolled it out of the Helmutt Shunk Works of Phoenix Bike Works. of course My Dad said wow that doesn't sound like a regular Whizzzer.shaking his Head... My 80 year old Pop Has seen and worked on every Whizzer Powered Bike I've built since those first hand built proto's In 05 till the Current Production Bikes

    Now.. as Much as I said to Lee, Hey Just build us One that's Modestly Pumped.. Lee asked How Much..Aw?? I said Just Healthly You Know. Cam, Head work, true the thing up new. But Ya.. I want some Power.. well I must say.. as Much as I am still in the run up and back down stages Of breaking the Motor and Bike In.. I just had to get an Idea of what was UP??.. as the little Bagger was showing all signs Of a lot Of power.. well I just couldn't help myself..So The Next Day Last Saturday!!!

    Now this Is AZ. Bike week, ya thousands Of Harley's On the road.. And Me Being a Hot Dog.. I asked a few Harley Buddy's to join me for a Thunder run from Ram Jet Performance Cycles. "One of our supporters",, On down about a 1/2 Mile to the Oldest, "New Monster facilited" Harley Davidson Dealership Buddy Stubbs .. and Oh yes. there's the Big show going Live Bands.the Good Ole fun Cycle freaks from all walks etc.

    So My Crew Of Bikers rolled out. of course, I lead the Pack for the haft mile trek .. rolling about 40ish In the High speed Lane.. nodded at My Good friend Ron next to me,and I opened her up she Pulled Like Bad Dog/Helmutt '-) and I went fast enough that I knew hmm?? WO Baby, that's enough,as she's still a new engine better shut it down.. So being Conservative.. I rolled back to about 40 decreesing on down.. as we were Coming Up on the turn lane anyhow and we all drove On In .. with standing Ovations,cheers from the crowds.. I guess alot of them had never seen a Whizzer thumpin like that?? But all seemed to be thumbs up. Cameras were going.. then I was really getting High On the Moment.. and thought?? these guys Need a Demo. Burn out.. so I stopped. locked the Front brake. just took My weight off the seat.. and proceeded to smoke the tire.. and I will tell ya with that Ambassador Pipe. without the Muffler insert coupled with the Helmutt Bike and Now this fine Pumping Motor Quenton Built For us.. Well the crowd went wilder yet..

    Well, to say the Least the Moment was Pretty Cool Beans.. We drove On out about an hour later...and I thought how it feels Kind of weird. when ya get to be leader of a Hog Pack ridin on a Whizzbanger ?? I guess it's Just another Day In the Life ?

    Thanks Quenton..
    DKramer From PHX Bike Works Inc.
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  2. Quenton Guenther

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    We need pictures!

    Try to keep it under 55 MPH during break-in.

    Have fun,
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    how cool is that !!! :cool2::cool2::cool2:
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    Hi Big D That sound like A lot fun . Cant wait to see pics. Keep having fun and talk to you soon . Bill
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    Next Stop Spooky Tooth Death Race

    Thanks AZ. Bill ,Bill Green, and Quenton..
    Lee.. My friend Ron Called it in at 57mph,as I backed off and She definitely Had More..
    I Must Mention.. Helmutt Has actually Tapped Two Motor Builders out for Building Race Whizzer engines
    Bill Green/ Vancouver Whizzer is also building us a Race Whizzbanger .Coming Soon, with bills best On the Line. the two engines will be tested at Speed World Once we have both Motors Broke in....
    Well I have to go to the Skunk Works right now. and do some last Minute nuts and bolts tightening Checks.. AS tomorrow Is the Spooky Tooth Death Race.. Hmm? I know this sounds a little Cocky again , But I do intend On Winning that race.. and In this case as they have an 80 cc limit I'll be racing with the Little 50cc High Chuy's? with EZM primary manual clutch.. under the Name Xcelsior.. Ya Keep-em guessing?? Oh PS. We will get alot of Pictures and film Of this race... well off to the Races
    Helmutt/Kramer/PHX.Bike Works/EZM/Team Xcelsior

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    Hi big D the bikes are looking GREAT . Nice Work !!!!!!!! Bill
  7. Snake Bite

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    Spooky Death Race Burn Out

    I don't Usually Like to be In the Picture. But Who else to do a Burnout?

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  8. StillDream'n

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    I'll Race you !

    Hi Snake Bite,
    Have a great day, wish I was there to race with you on mine!:cool2: Twist that Grip:grin5:

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  9. Hey D. those two look pretty good but maybe you shouldn't be scratching your backside during a burnout -- huh?? Might get a flat or worse even. Block the front tire like they do at the Buffalo Chip Dude.....
  10. Snake Bite

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    Oh You've been to Our Favorite Saloon."the Buffalo Chip"?? Ya after 10 days Of AZ Bike week I did Have to replace that tire.. She was Cooked down to shreds .. I walked into my Bicycle shop and said this tire is defective.. I think I need a New One..OH PS. here's a Film Of Spooky Race http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1325090578837&ref=mf
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  11. azbill

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    looked and sounded good at the DR

    but then,,,so did the EZM with the sportsman pipe :)
  12. They have a tire shop here...

    Buffalo Chip Burn Out Bridge (2).jpg