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Irish John

Hi Guys,
I need to change my drive sprocket on my new HT for a new evenly spaced one that takes a chain. Can someone tell me how I get the sprocket off? Is the nut holding it a reverse thread nut? Do I need the clutch removal tool and how do I stop the wheel turning when I put a spanner to that nut? When the nut comes off will the sprocket pull out easily by hand? Hoping for a quick responser cos I need to get to work on it tomorrow morning and its evening now in Australia.
Irish John
Glad you brought this up. These Chinese sprockets are a joke. I just spent 2 hours grinding the teeth, otherwise forget it. The chain was jamming up every third tooth.
now i'm really stuck

I've got the nut off and the special tool is in the sprocket as per attached photo.
The outer ring of tool is screwed tight to inside ring of sprocket. The middle bolt of tool doesn't want to screw in much further than shown. What happens now?
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