Clutch Question about clutch arm.?.

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    I have read that you can remove the clutch pivot arm and move it on the splined shaft. My new motor has arrived and I cannot remove the arm. I have tried to "gently persuade it" with a hammer but it wont budge. My motor is painted and I think its the paint holding it but I dont want to really lay into it and break something.

    I was thinking of using a balljoint seperator or sililar setup to remove.
    What do you think.

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    Needs to be in the clutch section...
    Remove the side plate (3 screws/bolts), rotate shaft till you can pull it out of the cover plate. My son put his in a vise and used a screwdriver to pry the arm off the shaft. Mine not so easy. I opened the vice so the shaft could move freely in the jaws but not the arm (arm sat on top of jaws). I (now here is where you need to be careful) took a center punch and placed it dead center on the shaft and gave it a good lick with a hammer. Took about 2 or 3 GOOD licks and the shaft fell to the floor. Make sure you place a mark on both the shaft and the arm. I was going to thread a nut so I could back it off when I separated the two but not enough room. Just be careful to place the center punch directly in the center of the shaft...all will be good.