question about hp



about how much hp dose the 80cc put out and about how much foot pounds of torque?

1. Engine Type: Single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke
2. Type of fuel mix :(16:1/20:1)
3. Displacement: 66cc
4. Ignition: C.D.I. ignition
5. MAX.Power: 1.7kW @ 5500rpm (1700 watt/2.27 hp)
6. Economy: 100 km/1.5 litre fuel
7. Maximum speed : 30km/h (<- No, it is much faster than that)
8. Fuel tank: 2 litre
9. Weight: 7kg
10. Bore: 47mm
11. Stroke: 38mm
12. Compression ratio: 6:1

Oh, and that is

1700 watt (power) TO foot / pound (reciprocal
of mass to length) = 2529.87870406824
kilogram^2 meter / second^3
wow nice explaining :)

thare is one question my spark plug cap is loose on my spark plug it looks normal but its easy to pull of is someting broken in it?
I gather you took the small connector off the tip of the spark plug? (It unscrews and should be removed beneath is a black thread)

My spark plug boot moved a little, so I put the black rubber sealing ring thingy on first, put the boot on then pull the rubber bit up to meet the boot, holds it nice and firm.

Im replacing it anyway, it unscrews from the cdi.

is thare a spring and a brass thing supposed to be in the boot? mine brass thing and my spring fell out how do i fix it?