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    Hiya folks, I've got a question about a build I would like to start. Hopefully I don't get hung for saying this but my build plan is to put a motor on a bike just like everyone here does, but get this(dun dun dun) I plan to take the pedals off and only have it motor powered. If I used this engine with a shaft reduction of 2:1 leading to a 8 tooth sprocket then to a 50 tooth sprocket my top speed would be 22.3 mph, my question is with just the one speed gear setup what do you guys and gals think my acceleration would be like? Using that 6hp engine and a low top speed I think it would have good acceleration on flat ground but since I'm going to use this bike a lot off road do you think my gearing and engine set up would perform badly when up against mud/hills/snow and what ever else I would come up to off road?

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    seems to me Chester

    plenty low geared so as to do some fine climbing

    ride that THING -- epoxy some fake pedals on it and then post a picture
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    In the USA you are about 5 times the legal engine 10 cubic inches
    The engine weighs 36 pounds

    add that to the approx 36 pound bike


    Look up LIFAN same weight motorcycle engine with auto transmission.
  4. With that much HP you would not have to gear it that low. If you are going to cross over to the right side why not use a derailer and some gears back there?