Question about sealing the tank on the 1903 Felt Bicycles

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    Hi Everyone! This is my first post. I have been wanting to build a Motorized Bicycle for sometime and this will be my first project. I just bought a used Felt 1903 off of craigslist and I want to use the tank on it as a fuel tank. I have read several treads on this forum on how to do this on Felt bikes, but I need a few questions answered before I proceed. This bike is a 2007 model and has an all aluminium frame and tank.

    1. Is it as simple as removing the seat post and sealing the small hole with expanding foam and then sealing with fuel proof epoxy through a drilled petcock hole?
    2. Is the front of the tank where it meets the down tube part of the bike frame open as well?

    I guess I would know this if I were to drill a hole for the gas cap and look. But, trying to avoid that untill I know for sure. Want to know what I am getting myself into before I proceed.

    3. Is there a frame tube which runs through the fuel tank like the MP version and has to have the tank cut in half to fill those holes in the top frame tube?

    Any and all ideas and coments are greatly appreciated.


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    Search HBLOCAL

    Do a search for threads started or posts from member HBLOCAL He has posted a pretty detailed explanation of what is required to seal one of these tanks with out the need for repainting. The top tube of these bikes is open at both the head tube and the seat tube. There is no other tub running thru the middle of the top tube as you describe.

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    1) Not really. HBLocal explains it all pretty well. There are actually 3 holes to be filled at the back by the seat tube. One on either side of the tube and the hole in the tube itself.

    2) Yes. There are 2 holes here.

    3) Not sure I understand you. It sounds like you have seen the Itskeith MP build pics where he cut the tank in half and showed the holes. Yours is exactly the same as his. Both are aluminum frames.

    I wouldn't use just any old epoxy. JBWeld has been proven to work so I would use that. Be sure to seal the tank with some sort of tank sealer when you are done. You can blow into the tank to check for holes.

    You should be careful with your motor mounts on the aluminum frame. Google "rotten orange build" and check out the mounts that Datz510 built for his aluminum frame.

    Even if you are very mechanically inclined I would recommend building up a regular steel frame cruiser first. You can always transfer the motor to the Felt later. Every install is a little different and they all require a certain amount of engineering.

    So that you know I have some experience with this I have included a pic of my own Felt.

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    I love the Felts! Been looking at one at my local shop!