question about sprockets for 4 stroke engine

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Stevestnk, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Stevestnk

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    I have a 4 stroke engine kit that came with a 56T sprocket. I have a pile of 44T sprockets and would like to try one with the 4 stroke so I can go faster. Before I go cutting my chain, can anyone tell me if it will work? Thanks......

  2. HoughMade

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    Others have tried the 44 and it does help top speed, but it will hurt low end torque and you will have to pedal up faster before revving up. I use a 48- and I am thinking about using a 50 because i want a little more low end.
  3. Yea from 56 to 44 is a huge jump. That's like adding three teeth to your engine sprocket!
    Hough has it right I think. Go with 48 or 50.
    I'm thinking of going 48 myself for my Titan for I don't go fast as it is.
  4. chuck216

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    It all depends of which Gearbox you have, The shyhawk is a high ratio,low torque cruiser gearbox designed for higher top speed on flats, while the JL figure 8 type is a low ratio, high torque box designed for acceleration and hills.
  5. Irish John

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    Hi Stevestnk, please tell me what kit you run on the bike and is it frame-mounted. Also do you live in a flat State or in hill country. If it's a frame-mounted Grubee I can tell you the 44 tooth is no good on any hills. The 48 is no good on steep hills and the 56T is not that good on hills and downright slow on the flat. If you live in a trafficked area with stopping and starting you will want more low end pull. If you live in rural Iowa you could probably get away with a 48T and even a 44T.
    I use a 48T generally, a 44T for one particular 60 km run up the motorway and a 56T if I'm heading inland into the mountains. I have three wheels all made up with a 7 speed freewheel on each and they all have their own separate chains.
    It's an expensive way to do things but I can change the rig in 10 minutes and I reckon it's worth it. Anything is better than those infernal HTs but having always been strictly a frame-mount only guy I admit to being heavily impressed by some of these great rack-mounted kits from the US and what guys like Sir Jakesus and others are up to.
  6. Stevestnk

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    need mounting kit for 50T

    Thanks for the reply. I live in Connecticut with lots of hills, the 56T worked good on steep inclines when I built up some speed. My 4 stroke with the 56T goes faster than my 2 stroke with a 44T. I obtained a 9 hole 50T and would like to try it, but can't find a mounting kit. Can you help?
  7. Vendor to the left has them 6mm and 8mm..........
  8. Irish John

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    Are the holes in the right place? If so the bolts & nuts from the 56Tshouldl fit but you can buy new bolts and use the asbestos rubber from the old sprocket or buy new ones from any of the engine suppliers as long as the holes are the same as the others.
  9. bubbatgs

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    Take it from someone who has tryed them all! If you have hills in your area and you weigh more than 175 lbs. stick to the 56 tooth! I have tryed the 44 thooth, it was great ....down hill!~ The 50 tooth worked well but, too much peddling up hills! I am back at the 56 tooth!
  10. Irish John

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    Take it from someone who has tried a bit more and weighs 94 kg that 48T is the best for the Honda and 50T for the HS. 56T is only of use on exceptional hills seldom encountered and it means the bike is at full revs and vibrating all the time at 25 mph. That's assuming you are using an 11T front sprocket.
  11. nsideus

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    Take it from someone who has tried even more. I have to agree with bubbatgs on this one. 50t takes much more peddling from starts to hills. The 56t at full RPM is more like
    30MPH, cruses very well at 20MPH. The 12,000mi club HS Grubee.
  12. That's weird. I'm the only one running a 36t and it still pulls me up hills pretty well, goes from a stop and seems kind of slow. I wouldn't even think of having more teeth.
  13. nsideus

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    I think we are talking about grubee gearboxes. Hoot's have different ratio, come stock with a 50T and around 25mph top speed.
  14. Irish John

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    We need to be talking about the same GB or it's a bit pointless. There is no way the 56T sprocket with 11T final drive on a Grubee Mark 2 or 3 GB will do 30mph on the level with the HS motor. It just doesn't happen. More like 25 mph maybe 28 mph absolute max. The 48T will get to about 31 mph with the HS and about 33mph with the Honda. This is just how it is.