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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bilboby, May 18, 2010.

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    After just two tests with a BGF rear friction engine i've decided on changing the stock sparkplug LD L7T which came with the kit for a type active AX80. What are the thought's from the more experienced MB riders on this matter as i get the impression the AX80 give's more power than the L7T? Is this possibly so or should i continue using the original plug?


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    My opinion is if the plug fires the mixture- you are golden.
    Not talking about reading the fuel ratio or heat ranges.
    Spark plug are a lot like shock absorbers in that there is a lot of hocus-pocus advertising about them.
    If what you put in works- good. If the stock plug works- good. There is no power advantage to spark plugs that I know of for choosing one over the other.
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    Cheers for the info and i agree as manufacturers will alway's say their product is better than their rival's. However one of the reason's why i posted about this topic was basically because the new stock plug took a lifetime to fire up whilst the older (raided from a Active 50cc) AX80 fired up after one pull of the clutch cord. Once again

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    Well Boby, you know what to do. Put in the plug that works best. As a comparison point- both plugs need to be new, used ones can have oil or residue on them and not fire right.
    Whenever I have an engine (especially a2 stroke) that doesn't start good- the first thing is a new plug- big difference usually.