Question: crankshaft rotation

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by lowracer, May 1, 2008.

  1. lowracer

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    Anyone know of a small engine having a clockwise crankshaft rotation?
    I read somewhere that the Robin EY08BN is this config but now they may be discontinued?

  2. The Titan engine from DAX runs clockwise.
    Wait...rotation viewed from the front.
    Yes. Clockwise.
  3. lowracer

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    Thanks LF...
  4. lowracer

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    Anyone else familiar with another manufacturer building a clockwise rotating crank?
  5. Zev0

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    I have a Robin/Subaru EHO 35 and it has a clockwise rotation
  6. I just double checked my Titan again and yes on the rope end it pulls clockwise. Then I looked on the gear end and it's turning clockwise too! (??????)
    But then I figured it all out. The gear box is geared to do that.
    It kinda freaked me out for a moment.
  7. lowracer

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    The Titan is for sure after looking at its mounting from the Dax website. The Robin EH035 I thought was like most other engines & rotates counter clockwise viewed from the crank-end?
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