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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Simon_A, May 9, 2008.

  1. Simon_A

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    Hi people,

    I have a quick question, I dont think my old road bike will cut the mustard for a Zbox conversion so I have a dilemma.

    What bike will be the best to use as a base for a motoredbike?

    I see on the Zbox main page they have one fitted to a $90 BigW bike. Is this really a good idea? Also I had a quick look in my local BigW today (Elizabeth, S.A.) and couldnt see a bike like it, so any help and suggestions would be truely appreciated.

    Oh and reading the forums it seems the 70cc is better than the 48cc, Im assuming the extra CC's help is there any external difference in them?

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. djase10

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    At Big w a good strong cheapie is the DULOP Scout At $118-140, maybee cheaper now.
    ZOOM front suspension & strong steel frame...
    No worries ..

    if you go Alloy frame make sure the TiG welding is strong.
    Pretty much all the cheapies from BigW/Target/Kmart will do the trick, as long as the engine fits -build it
    Check my story,
    i bought my ALLOY frame from a Bloke on peachey Road Dav Park..
    He sells bikes from his shed-- I got mine for $50-no wheels.
    TopGun - Flight

    engines are pretty much the same -the 70cc has a slightly bigger bore.
    Go the 70cc(illegal- on the road)-

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  3. Simon_A

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    Hey Jase,

    Thanks for that, I read your thread when I first stumbled accross this forum, and spent an hour today hunting it down again (sheesh). I live near the guy on peachey road so I might drive there for a look.

    I looked on bigW's site and it confirms what I found in my local store, they dont seem to have anything usable unless I want to rear mount. And thats not what I want.

    I know to run the engines in properly I have had a couple of pocketbikes in my time.

    Infact I still have one that I have pulled the running gear out of already, might build a trailer style one just for the laughs.

    Here's the specs for the motor :shock::shock::grin:

    "6.2hp Water-cooled 39.69cc (36mm x 39mm bore & stroke) with compression ratio of 16.2:1 and three-port cylinder. Dell'orto SHA 14 - 14L carburetor and air box with 4 petal reed induction into crankcase. Two shoe Polini adjustable dry clutch with centrifugal counter weights."

    Except mine runs a Dell'orto Black racing carby, BZM race clutch, Polini race exhaust, also I transplanted a 5 port cylinder for the tamer 3 port one. So I think its about 7.5hp now.

    Methinks it would be far too brutal for a daily ridden motoredbike.
  4. BoltsMissing

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    Try Port Markets every Sunday at the Western end of the shed. Good range of 2nd bikes, fair bloke to deal with.
    Get the stronger non stretch chains from there to.
    You'll need 2 sets cos they a bit short but better than the kit's chains.

    All the Best


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  5. djase10

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    Cyclops At Kmart on sale for $79.00 save $29

    Hi simon,

    Yeah -Cyclops At Kmart on sale for $79.00 save $29

    Sale starts 15/5/08-to 21/5/08..

    Cyclops "Stone Mountain"
    Steel frame , Front shocks, alloy wheels..

    I took a bare 70cc into Kmart, and yeah its tight,

    And - I didnt have the muffler & carby on it,
    but i reckon it will bee Sweet..
    Heres some pictures of this bike.


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  6. Simon_A

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    Mate, many thanks. How many strange looks did you get doing that sizeup in Kmart? And which Kmart did you go in to?

    I rang Zbox yesterday afternoon, spoke to a rather grumpy Warren (think he was 9/10ths asleep, is he a shift worker?) and will probably get the 48cc unit.

    He told me that both his 48cc and the 66cc top out at 6000rpm and that the difference between the 2 sizes amounts to only half a HP (48cc 1.5hp and the big motor 2hp).
  7. fetor56

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    Don't get a cheap new bike cos your very likely to run into means the cheapest of everything with really base-grade Chinese components.
    Do what BoltsMissing said...go down to the Pt Market on Sundays or try pawnshops(preferrably not Cash Converters) or eBay Oz,or The Trading Post,or The Messenger,or your local rag,or The Sunday is where u find it so keep looking.
  8. djase10

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  9. Simon_A

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    I saw that Huffy today, it seemed to me to have the biggest frame opening of the lot there. This was the Kmart down at the port.

    I might have to get one. If Fetor is right and something dies, then I can get something different later on.

    Either way I want to get this project started and completed ASAP as I want to ride the motoredbike to work and back.
  10. djase10

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    Sweet mate

    Yep down the port , i left 1 there for some body,
    it would be Great if it was you.

    Yeah a good frame-Space to utilize .

    Go for it

    a 48cc on that bike will be SWEET, power to weight ratio on that frame would be a nice number.

    Simon -- When you mount petrol tank on that bike you will have to fabricate/ a spacer for for the brake/gear cables,
    under the END of the PETROL TANK.(to keep the tank EVEN, & not TRAP the cables).

    You'll Know what i mean when you look at the bike..

    heaps of ways to do this.
    if ya need help ,just ask

    All the best .

  11. Simon_A

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    I did go for it, they still have one left and the assembled one too. So that box is ticked, just have to order the engine on Monday and then the fun begins next weekend when I start joining the 2.

    Hey if you have a good suggestion on the spacer for the tank, please let me know, I can manufacture it before I need it so its all ready. Also Im guessing I will need something different for the deraileur <sp?> controls as the current setup will interfere with the throttle control. But thats a basic fix anyway.

    Cheers yet again.

  12. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Good 1 Simon..
    "Also Im guessing I will need something different for the deraileur controls as the current setup will interfere with the throttle control. But thats a basic fix anyway"

    On the controls there should be a 3 or 4mm Grub Allen key,
    simply loosen the 'grub' and slide the controls further upthe handle bars.

    As for the spacer -
    what i did was cut a couple of 6mm nuts in halve
    (approx HIGHT of the FRONT guides)
    epoxied Y
    3 of Halves in place over the cable where the rear of the tank Rests.

    I used SELLEYS KneadIT to keep them there, directly to the frame,
    add a tad more to keep it stuck..

    Doesn't look the best but it is unseen, so no bother

    KneadIT sets like steel -- it is GREAT and should be part of everyones toolkit
    About $14Au
    RESULT is -
    The fuel tank sits even and dosn't CLAMP the cables underneath it..

    There are many of ways to create the gap,
    This is the way i done it.

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  13. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Now that sounds like a simple and good idea. I was thinking about bracketing the tank higher, but that way sounds good and quick.
  14. djase10

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    Simon- friday yeah,

    you MAY have to use a CHAIN LINK REMOVER/CHAIN BREAKER, to get the chain EXACTLY where you need it.
    I got mine from standish cycles for $22 in (2006)
    (as long as it fits #415 chain , your laughing)
    I couldnt have done any of my bikes without 1 , so i highly recommend you get one mate.

    Keep us posted on you progress,
    Take lots of pictures if you can ,
    (not just for us, but your personal journey)
    PM me if you need any specific help ..