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    Hi, I have big plans and ideas that will require my King 80 cc motor to be turned around so the drive is on the right instead of the left side. I will require the motor to run the opposite direction. Rumor has it that two strokes can run in both directions. Does anyone have experience running a two stroke in the opposite direction it was intended? Performance loss or long term damage?? I have experience in the bicycle world to solve mechanical problem on the bike , but know next to nothing about motors. (Just enough knowledge to be dangerous) Hope you can help.


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  3. HI,

    I have heard that when run in reverse, the engines lose performance....I am not 100% sure of the reason but I suspect the 2 most likely candidates are ignition timing and fuel flow patterns through the engine....

    Hope this helps....


    PS - why are you trying to drive off the right side?...If for gearing purposes, probaly best to do your own jack shaft set up OR for a prepackaged setup look to the left under sick bike parts....
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    I second Andy and Stude; sickbikeparts will get you where (I think) you want to go.

    It's gotta be your best bet.

    good luck.
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    We would need more specific info from you to get a better idea of your modification. Like the others stated "Sick Bike Parts" set up. Or, if that isnt the type of set up for you there is different styles of jackshaft set ups. If your not familiar with a jackshaft, it's transfering the power from shaft side to the opposite side through a double geared rod/shaft. You can change the gear sizes on either side for power/speed.
    Ive included a few photos of a few jackshaft set ups. Mainly from mini choppers but exactly the same principles you could use on a bike. "Sick Bike Parts" has taken alot of the headaces out of the free pedaling issues.

    Anyway, this also may not be your reversing issue. Please be more specific. :smile:

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    I like that motor mount jackshaft,where can it be found?
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    you can turn the head on many motors , the hard part is turning the ignition coil around , if you leave it the same way it was originally , you will be plagued with timing problems , some go-ped scooters have motors that are reversible,