Question of RPM's from China.

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    I normaly only run in higher 20's here in town area. See, torque has always been my goal. I've done quite a bit of mods, so this was just seeing what we've got on flat area. Well, with stock fixed 44t I opened it up to max. Ok, 32.7 mph, we are looking at what RPM's with 2010 Skyhawk 66cc on 700c's (Motor was talking, but still could of climbed more)

    NOTE: I weigh 260,heavy bike............. Don't at all do this much ever. Bike is now parked sitting at 802 miles.

    RPM's anyone?

    PS- This was only once in a blue moon test. I can see why these engines wouldn't last long running that way much!!!~ I'm a CASTOR & SYNTHETIC NUT, but you've got to remember what's burning those better lubricants.

    Scares you, when you really think about it? If you went down, there would be issues................

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    do a search on this forum for the gear ratio calculator.
    first section is the primary drive gear and clutch gear. take the cover off to count their teeth.
    second section is the front and rear sprockets. front is 10 teeth.
    then you need to use a tape measure to find the distance from ground to axle of rear wheel while you sit on bike and multiply that by two. (2nd person needed)
    then keep entering different RPM till you find the speed you achieved when riding.
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    the primary gears are 20 and 80 teeth.
    so 6700 rpm on a 26" gives almost 30mph
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    The primary gears are 20 and 82 = 4.1 to 1 ratio
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    thanks for the correction.
    so 6950 rpm gives 30mph on a 26" bike.