Carby Question on my 2 stroke carb, HI/LOW screws



Ok in the pic which is the air and wich is the fuel, Hi or low, and not sure how to adjust. All i know it is messed up and when i give it throttle it bogs down then gets back up and keeps repeating itself even though i'm not touching the throttle it does it. . Does it need more fuel or more air. Now that the screws are all messed up i need to start over. Any easy basic way to adjust would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm pretty sure that is for the high and low rev jets, not air and fuel. Basically I think if you turn the low screw out you get a rich air/gas mix for low revs (idle) and same for the high screw only thats for the high rev jet. If it's idling fine but bogging try to slowly screw the high jet in and keep on and off the gas until she starts chirping at the high end like a 2stroke should. If its not idling okay start with the low screw first making only small adjustments. Set your idle screw correctly or for just slightly higher revs than normal idle and adjust slowly until it sounds good. Remember when adjusting mixture always make sure you're not running super-lean. Good luck.
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