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  1. Jdude

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    I am considering purchasing a motor for my bicycle. After lurking here for a while, I have decided that the wizard 4- stroke would suit my needs best. I have a few questions before I purchase, though.

    1: What are the dimensions of this engine? I need to know if it will fit on my bike.

    2: Is this engine any good? If I must use a different kind, my budget is 350 total and I prefer a 4 stroke.

    3: How much weight can this push? I weigh about 200, and I will have a (25lbs at most) pack for getting back and forth to work.

    4: My work involves multiple 6 mile or shorter trips during the day. Will I overtax or strees the engine? Standard southern climate.

    5: Have there been any problems with the seller at that website?

    6: Will my bike handle it? Here are the dimensions.

    It is a 21 Speed "Pacific Vortex Aluminum 3.1 Elite" Mountain bike. The vertical bar under the seat measures 15", inside the triangle. The Horizontal bar is 2", again inside the triangle. The diagonal bar measures 24".

    There is no shock on the frame, nor near the rear wheel.

    Tires have a 22.5" rim, with 36 spokes. With the rubber on, they are 26".

    It has front and rear wheel hand brakes.

    Umm.. there is a kickstand? ;)

    Thank you in advance for your help.


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    I am wanting to see what shows up with your thread here -- new myself.. That Wizard engine shown -- says it's 49.1cc -- rated 2hp at 6,800rpm.. I am NOT THE EXPERT HERE -- but I am thinking that a 49.1cc motor would be more than 2hp.. Am I wrong ? I have a 33.5cc rated at 1.6hp... I'll probably get blasted for this remark or question - but - is the Wizard made in China ? If so I would want to pay extra so as to buy something made in Japan.. My buddy a while back had a motor from China installed on his bike -- 50 miles later - no spark... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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  4. alex

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    One of my buddies has this same kit. I'll answer as best as I can.
    Question #1 I don't know the exact dimentions but it is a little bit wider than the two-stroke kits.

    #2 My buddie hasn't had any complaints about the engine. And from what I can tell, it is a clone of a honda. And the only other kit that I know about that is a 4-stroke is Dax's titan. (

    #3 My friend weighs around 220. But we live in FL (no hills). And the motor can handle it, at the most, you might have to help it by pedalling a little bit.

    #4 It should be able to handle it if it is anything like a honda.

    #5 My friend got his kit about when he imagined he would, there were no big delays in responses or communication that he talked about.

    #6 I would have to see a picture of your bike. (My spatial thinking isn't very good)

    p.s. Why do you prefer a 4-stroke? (2-strokes don't have to be the nasty-dirty smoke shooting stereotype that everyone assumes that they are)
    They can be clean too. and they cost less and they look cooler (in my opinion)
  5. Jdude

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    That thread refers to a Honda Gxh50. The wizard site made no mention of the manufacturer of the engine.

    So, if they are similar engines, what I am after is this:
    Depth (Less Shaft): 7.7"
    Width: 10.8"
    Shipping Weight: 20 Pounds

    So, it is roughly 8x11" so if I can place an unbent piece of paper in there the engine should also fit.

    #6I was unable to find a picture online, so I'll need some time to find my camera.

    I selected a 4 stroke based on this quote in the "noob thread" here.
    This is pretty much why. I am also not fond of mixing oil and gas. I have must spill stuff fingers.
  6. Jdude

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    I am not dead set on the particular brand of engine, so long as it is a 4 stroke and less than $350 after shipping. I also prefer to avoid a chinese built clone. So if someone has a recommendation, let me know.
  7. alex

    alex Guest

    If you are willing to spend the extra money, the titan is worth it. (I'm sure others will back me up on that).
  8. augidog

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    trying to help, read the thread.

    the topic i referred you to is an in-depth discussion & comparison of all the above mentioned engines, including the info (or lack of) that's available on each of them, and why it may or may not be available. it might prove helpful in your quest.
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  9. Jdude

    Jdude New Member

    Thanks, going through it now.
  10. Jdude

    Jdude New Member

    I have gone through it, and it was helpful. However, I am undecided on my engine now.

    If anybody can point out for me a 4 cyl engine that does 30 mph (200 lbs rider + 30 lbs equipment), costs < 350 shipping included,and is not made in china, I will buy it today.

    If there is a 2cyl that fits these specifications and can handle a 50 mile nonstop trip, I'll consider it as well.

    Thank you all.
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  11. sparky

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    All the Japanese engines cost less than $350, but you won't get an entire kit for that price (Staton's friction drive kits start at $400, and somebody just said they hit 42mph with the Mitsu TLE43 friction drive).

    If you're worried about getting up hills without pedaling, get the GXH50. You might put a little too much stress riding a Robin/Subaro 33cc for a 50 mile nonstop trip. For that reason, you might wanna stick with the TLE43.

    Sure, the TLE43 is a great 2 cycle engine.

    And any engine you put on there will take you 50 miles, provided you have a big enough gas tank.
  12. alex

    alex Guest

    Not all chinese kits are bad, and if I was looking to do 50-mile non-stop trips, I would choose a real motorcycle. But if you want a motorized bicycle that can do all of that and is a 4-stroke you might have to save the extra money and buy one of the more expensive kits. Because I don't know of any kits like that under 350 that are not chinese.

    Oh, and save for a reeely big cushiony seat.
  13. sparky

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    This is the seat you want:

    I got a similar Schwinn seat at WalMart for $22 or so, and I think just a bit bigger like that Bench Seat would be just right.

    As for the engine, you might save yourself a bit of money by just piecing everything together yourself. Do that, or pay for the good quality kits... they're worth it. You'll be pulling your hair out if you waste money on a chengine kit.
  14. Jdude

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    Well, based on the consensus I am willing to spend more. I'll have to wait until payday, but it is not that far away ;)
    I am looking at the FDR-335 Robin-Subaru Four Cycle 33.5 cc 1.60hp and 1-1/8" drive rod. Staton claims 28 mph. I will also get the stronger supports as well. Total, after shipping, about 430.00
    This kit looks to be a pull start, which works fine for me.

    That TLE43 kit looks nice, but it is a bit more than I am willing to spend.

    Knowing me, I'll wake up one Saturday morning and take off for a few hours just to ride around. That was the point of my earlier 50 miles nonstop question. My main concern is if the equipment can handle a rough (but well maintained) life, including the occasional long trip.
    There are very few hills here.

    Before I go ahead and buy this thing, is there anything else I need to know? I am going to dig into the forums a bit and look at this engine, but if there is anything pertinent that comes to mind please post it here.

    That seat? Without a doubt, I'll have that seat or one very similar to it.
  15. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Only thing I find pertinent is about the 2-stroke vs 4-stroke issue in terms of the 50 mile nonstop question. They each have their own problems if you have less than half a gallon tank... 2-strokes will need 2-stroke oil to be mixed in if you're away, so you'll need to carry pre-mixed gas, a reservoir tank, or pre-measured packets of oil to dump right into your tank. And 4-strokes supposedly can't run WOT as much as 2-strokes can, so you'll need to cool it down a bit if you get the EH035 (supposedly).
  16. Jdude

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    The small gas cans are a concern, but there is an extra large tank over at staton (80 something oz) that will work well.

    More than likely, I'll figure out how to stick a 1 or 2 gallon tank on this sucker since I like to modify things.

    For my regular needs this engine will work perfect. So on the days I do get a hankering to take a road trip, I'll go easy on the throttle and stop every now and then. I'll avoid WOT during my regular use as well, except for small bursts or hills.

    So, all that decided, I am going to order today.

    Pics when it arrives and I find my camera.

  17. augidog

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    that's the attitude :)

    congrats on an informed'll have an engine you'll be loving for many miles...epa-certified too, which always makes me happy to see :cool: