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  1. adrian101

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    Question: How tight should the head bolts be down? what do i set my torque wench settings at?

    Problem: I striped a head bolt and a stud on my engine. It's made me angry. TIME TO UPGRADE TO HIGH Tensile studs. Lol

    Thanks for reading. If you know the settings for the torque please let me know!

  2. retromike3

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    head bolts

    I have mine set at twelve foot pounds. I tried fifteen on my first engine and I stripped the nut on one of them. I usually do it every fifty miles just to make sure.

    There is a higher grade kit of head bolts make by Sick Bike Parts (I think they are grade 8) you might want to look into them.

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  3. motorpsycho

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    on both of my engines i just made sure that the head bolts were tight by hand with a 3/8" drive ratchet. not super tight, but just hand tight.
    I have never put a torque wrench on any of my head bolts and i have never stipped one or had one come loose. actually i have only tighten my head bolts after the break in period, and i have not touched them since.
    No leaks around the head gasket either.
    this will be the 3rd season for one engine, and the second season for the other.
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    Due to the engine cast aluminum ( 8mm studs) 150 to 204 INCH pounds... I use 150 inch pounds. 6mm 60 - 75 INCH pounds...I use 60 INCH pounds. I also run grade Metric 8.8 (US Grade 5) along with locking nuts...on ALL cylinder, mounts, intake and exhaust applications. inch to foot divide by 12. Out of 5 engines, never stripped out any stud.
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    "not super tight, but just hand tight" doesn't really translate. :)

    At one terminal we've got a 125lb street fighter and at another, there is a 250lb gorilla who should be on a 1500cc vulcan but wants to play with MBs!

    Inch/lbs and a suitable torque wrench are the best way to relay the information. :)

    (Ever bought a used widget from an ebay vendor and discovered their interpretation of 'great condition' was noticeably different than your own? I have!)

  6. motorpsycho

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    all i'm saying is that i have never really torqued my head bolts with a torque wrench. by using a short 3/8 inch ratchet you really can't get a whole lot of leverage while tightening the bolts.
    I understand what you mean tho because what is "hand tight" to a small guy, migiht be 500 ft. pounds to the big gorilla.
    I was not saying that"hand tight" was the way to do it, i was just saying that "hand tight" works for me....and my vision of hand tight may only be 150 inch pounds.