Question registering my bike in CA

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bikejock, Jul 1, 2015.

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    I'm about to finish my MB California registration form for plates. It has a field in section 1 that says; California License plate. What should I put there? My bike never had plates because this is my first time getting plates for it so this is a little confusing. I don't want to put the wrong thing or leave it blank & be denied my plates for it.

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    you leave it blank.
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    Got it, thanks. Bout to put it in the mail. I should have the new plates by next week. Might need to get an axle mount for my plate to mount it. Are motorized bike plates the same size as motorcycle & scooter plates?

    Also got pulled over for the first time for not coming to a full stop at a stop sign on Monday. Good thing the cop didn't notice it wasn't registered yet. He let me off with a warning because I told him all I had was a coaster brake which doesn't stop it very well doing 20-25 mph. Also told the officer I just got it put together and I was still tweaking it. I think I got off lucky. I heard of people getting slapped with thousands of dollars finds just for riding around on an E bike.
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    Yes, the plates are the same size as motorcycle plates.

    You're lucky you didn't get a ticket because of the incomplete stop! Whether a bike is motored or not, a "California stop" can get you a ticket, just like a car.

    I've been pulled over a dozen times in the last 25 years for that, only twice on a motor-assisted bicycle. I've been ticked twice.
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    Here is the solution I came up with for my tag in Maryland! It's aluminum plate with an LED 12 volt light and the techmount universal arm. Techmounts - for Light and Tag view2.jpg Tag & Light setup3.jpg Tag & Light setup6 - Copy.jpg On & Connected.jpg 20141212_131730.jpg

    Jimmy H.
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    Nice looking bike Jimmy, lets see the rest of it. :cool2:
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    Thanks! Here are a couple of better pictures of my Phantom Bikes, Ghost 26! The Chesapeake Bay 8 miles across.jpg The Severn River & Naval Academy.jpg
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    I like to think I got off lucky. I've heard of cops pulling people over on motorized bikes sometimes even E-bikes simply for driving them so they can check if it's legal. Usually, where I ride there's rarely any cops patrolling. We just have security cars mostly that don't pay any mind to motorized bikes. The funny thing is I had my regular bicycle helmet on & he didn't seem to care about the fact that it wasn't a motorcycle helmet. The cop was actually pretty friendly which was good to. He even thought my bike was pretty cool. Some cops can be real jerks in California.

    The cop car came out of nowhere like a 4 wheel black and white ninja. I probably didn't notice him behind me because I didn't install mirrors yet which I plan on getting soon.

    I never been pulled over for any traffic violations on any vehicle until that time on Monday so just out of curiosity, how much would it have been if I did get ticketed for an incomplete stop at a stop sign for California?
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    That's a sweet ghost bike. I'm thinking of getting the DIY ghost kit for my next build when I get the money.
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    Ok so I currentily have my bike registered under the 650 vehicle definition for the state of California. I'm thinking of swapping the engine for a 3HP 79cc predator and going with a Qmatic transmission for upgrades since the China kit stuff is crap quality.

    Does changing the engine effect registration in any way? When I registered the bike they required both engine number & bicycle number which is why I ask.
  11. 2old2learn

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    What if you swapped the engine out in your car? I'm sure that the engine issue had to do with compliance to the requirements. As long ad you stay in compliance, I cant see any just cause for prosecution.
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    Ah, OK. That makes sense. The registration from what I remember stated that my bike can't exceed 4 HP, have a top speed of 30 mph and pedals to qualify as a motorized bike/moped. I still would need an M1 OR M2 license which I'm working on getting anyway, but insurance isn't required. DMV website lies about the HP requirement stating it's 2 HP or less but on the form it states less than 4 HP which is good because it allows for a little more flexibility when choosing a better engine.

    As far as the 79cc Predator goes, I found out they can't ship to California because of the annoying C.A.R.B rules which doesn't make sense to me because it seems pretty similar to their other larger 4 stroke engines. Seems to have a similar carburetor/venting setup to their C.A.R.B approved engines. Living in California comes with that C.A.R.B curse for us motorized bicyclists out here making it harder to get the engines we want. If I want a Predator engine I would have to try to get a 212cc or bigger which most likely won't fit my bike without some serious mods or fabrications to the mount and it would be on the motorcycle border when it comes to registration requirements since all other Predator engines are 6 HP and above.
  13. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Put the 79 cc in the cart and pay for it.
    Harbor Freight will ship it to you. :whistling:

    The DMV doesn't do a good job of upgrading their website so I suppose that
    you would also say they lie about the $18 license plate fee that is now $21?

    I have never heard of a cop making an issue about an oversize motor and
    giving a ticket for that since 2008.
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