Question: Wheel Compatibility with Cruiser

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Lil t, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Lil t

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    *Disclosure*- I am a motorized bike noob.

    I started on my 80cc kit a couple days ago. I am mounting the kit on a Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser ($80 at walmart. I originally wanted to build this as cheaply as possible.) I started by trying to put on the new sprocket but an overtightened nut gave me some trouble. It was the nut that held in the coaster brake arm. After finally getting it loose I realized that I accidentally overtightened the hub so that the bike's wheels won't coast or even spin when pedaling. I looked at other videos and posts on removing the internal parts but the cone won't budge. I'm pretty sure by now I have stripped out some of the internal parts as well.

    Anyways I was going to buy a new wheel and was wondering if this wheel would be compatible. (link below)

    The Cranbrook is a 26x2.125 so it seems to be the right size. My two main concerns are if the tire will fit okay into the frame and if the pedaling gear sprocket will line up.

  2. Nanonevol

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    That wheel will fit. Are you sure you can't fix the practically new Cranbrook wheel? Maybe take it to a friendly bike shop and they will get that cone off so they can sell you a new one. I think all the Cranbrooks have nice thick 12 gauge spokes and the wheel you're looking at has thinner one.
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    Thank you so much for your help!

    Lil t
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    Looking for a replacement rim for the same bike, but I'm done with coaster brakes. Anyone know a freewheel that fits the dropouts of the cranbrook? Think they are 110mm but not sure. I'm gonna be putting caliper brakes on the front and back and don't want a coaster...local bike shop is talking $120+ for a 110mm dropout 12g 36 spoke freewheel hub laced and dished... pretty sure I don't want or need to dish it. Afraid to order something online and it not fit... Also I'm good on doing the ghetto freewheel, before that's suggested lol.
  5. FurryOnTheInside

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    Any standard bmx 110mm hub, with a 10mm solid axle and the thread for the right hand side freewheel AFAIK.
    It has to be dished if the flanges are asymmetrical (unless it's threaded both sides it is likely to be asymmetrical).
    I thought you needed a new rim though, why are we talking about freewheel hubs?
    A wheel build using your old hub may require more work and possibly more expense than a complete wheel due to economy of scale etc.
    What's a ghetto freewheel? (I had to ask!)
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    Sorry I wasn't more clear, my rim is fine it's the hub internals that are shot.

    I found a busted up coaster rim that had bent, loose and missing spokes next to the local bike shop dumpster. It had a bent axle and sprocket, but the rest of the innards were in great condition. The rim didn't even look remotely the same but the coaster assembly was all almost identical. With all my new (to me) parts my wheel runs like brand new, costing nothing :D.

    A ghetto freewheel involves removing the brake pads and a piece from the clutch assembly in the hub and putting in 3 washers, easily found on google and YouTube.
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