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    Yes I tried a search and could not find anything. On the best E bike with the BEST batteries how long does a full charge last? Mile or time will be fine.

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    I had a Biktrix Stunner out for a spin last night Jeff.
    It was one smooth bike. Comfortable and slick. Owner says it will do 45 kms without problem.
    Only 20mph without pedaling but does 30mph quite easily when pedaled.
    Li battery weighs about 5-7 lbs (estimate) bike weighs about 25 lbs (estimate)
    A very good bike for long distance rides.

    Much more comfortable, faster and longer range than my own Schwinn ebike:
    (stock photo)
    25 lbs of Lead acid batteries, 20mph max speed even when pedaled, 20km range.
    Still, a nice bike around town, but now I'm spoiled.

    I really liked the Biktrix Stunner. Class act.

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    At only about 12.5 mile rang I would get up set as I would be just getting into it. Have to stick with gas as I can go as far as I want as long as I keep gas in it. Many days 12.5 is just a warm up for 30 or more miles ride. Heck I could not make it to town and back. LOL But each to their own.