Questions about a DAX GT 50R

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Al.Fisherman, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Al.Fisherman

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    I see that DAX sells the GT 50R.
    Top right....

    For those that have bought one.
    1. How did you like the engine.
    2. Do you have to mount it on a flat plate
    3. Anyone mount it on a trike?

    Would like to see pictures of engine and bike.

  2. IbedaYank

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  3. Chalo

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    Dax GT 50R

    That looks like a heck of a basis for a sorta-legal bike in states that allow up to 49cc unregistered. Hypothetically it should be good for 45mph with an average to small rider.

    In practice, it had better be attached to a really capable bike with good brakes and, ideally, hydraulically damped suspension.


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  4. IbedaYank

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  5. HeadSmess

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    standard pocket rocket motor. with bling. shame about the chainsaw expect about 8 horsies from that engine. more. flat plate mount unless youre a cluey sorta guy and can mount off the side/clutch... otherwise :(

    trike mount. theyre just too awkward to ever really mount on a standard. they do come with chain reduction in a case, but the sprockets arent easily changed and run a silly pitch thats not readily available in large quantities...

    and theres no way in **** id stick with their standard clutch and 6tooth sprocket!

    most important thing on these is the reed valves and they never rate a mention it seems... they arent the most "breathy" of valves... can i say POS in fact? :)

    oh. and the "alloy, CNC starter case" tends to die.the mechanism is pathetic. so are the plastic ones. lol.
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  6. kallsop

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    These are the only pictures I took:

    bike mount

    The engine got sent back for repair. When I had it, it's light, powerful, and well carbureted. Can't wait to get it back.

    EDIT - you might have noticed the rear sprocket on the bike. It has a manicmechanic hub adapter and sprocket because I was intending to go chain drive, but ended up with friction drive and left the sprocket on for now.
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  7. Al.Fisherman

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    Did you make the mount or buy it?
  8. lowracer

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    I got a similar one & mounted it on the front of 'The Beast'. I uploaded pics & info under 2 stroke forum titled 'Pocket Bike Engine Project'.
    Its a great engine (so far)...
  9. kallsop

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    It's the friction mount kit from thatsdax. I would have bought a belt jackshaft setup from bikemotorparts, hence the rear sprocket, but they have fallen off the face of the earth.