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    So I have a 98cc 4 stroke engine with an agk jackshaft. I am considering buying a 5 speed internally geared hub and adding a shift kit. My buddy has some parts left over from an uncompleted shift kit build, but it's for a 2 stroke. It's a one piece bracket and a 3 piece bracket, nothing else. Just wondering if I can use these parts and source out a shaft and bearings and purchase a front freewheel? I already have some 5/8 bearings, and the rest of the parts I need would not be very expensive. Is this possible?

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    I know it doesn't help you, but Pablo is the one who could best answer your question. I think you'd have to make a mount for your 98cc 4 stroke engine since the 2 stroke doesn't have one and also the 4 stroke shift kits are for the Honda and HS bolt patterns. Maybe Pablo could sell you just the mount and make your own holes in the mount for your 98cc engine or modify your AGK mount.

    Here's pictures to compare the 2 kits. They look the same, but like I posted above, no engine mounting plate for the 2 stroke. It's possible that the axle/bearing mount maybe different widths. Be also aware that the kits are made for different seat tube widths (both 2 stroke and 4 stroke) and with the 4 stroke kit, down tube width.



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    Concur, Go straight to the source- PM Pablo
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    I'm planning on bolting the brackets to the existing motor mounts.