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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Ramblerfan, Jan 16, 2010.

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    Hi, I'm looking to start my 1st build with a 4 stroke kit ( ) utilizing a free wheel HD hub kit. I have not purchased a bike for the build, but would like to use a 7 speed instead of a single speed bike since it will have hand brakes on it already. I'm thinking that if I swap out the origional hub with a new hub on a single speed bike, I will not have the coaster brake any longer so I'm still thinking the 7 speed bike. That brings me to yet another question.... will the 7 speed cassette fit on the new HD hub? Can I just install part of the cassette making it a 2 or 3 speed? Has anyone done this? What is the best route to go? I really like the idea of the free wheel hub, so the drive train won't need to move while coasting...... Any advice is appreciated!! Regards!! Larry:dunce:

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    The freewheel hub, IMHO, is the best way to go. That particular hub will not accept a multi- speed cassette. The right side axle is not long enough. A Staton Inc. rear wheel will though. Be very carefull about what you purchase from ebay. The "heavy duty" freewheel that was shown in that ad does not look to me like the good one you want. It looks like the one that blows out in 100 miles or less.
    Your idea to use hand brakes is very, very good.
    Do a little more searching around this site, you will pick up on what I am suggesting.
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    If you pull the axle out of the HD hub and turn it around, it will give you enough room for 5 or 6 gears (you won't have room for the strap brake). I run a 7 speed Mega-Range Freewheel Cassette on my trike, but it doesn't leave much bite for the axle nut. That said, I've put around 5 -6,000 miles on it with no probs beyond burning bearings.

    Ah, I don't see the strap brake in that kit anyway.
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    Thanks for the replies.... Any suggestions on where to find/purchase a HD hub that will accept a 7 speed gear cluster? Thanks again!!
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    There are experts on board, but Friday I went to my bikeshop to pickup tubes and mirrors, and in his basement he had a very very high performance wheel, that had cracked on two of the spoke holes.

    And he said the hub was worth $200 by itself, why he was keeping it.

    If you are in a urban area, check your bikeshops, you might find such a steal.
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    The space is it

    The question is what isd the space between the rear drop-outs? with a coster brake type hub it is usually about 120mm or less, with a standard seven speed rear hub its 130mm. I know that 10 mm does not sound like much but if your trying to put that wheel on the road its a heck of a lot.

    There is a tool that can spread the rear dropouts evenly and quite a few good bike shops have such a tool.(I have such a tool myself.) It is possible to modify the frame to accept that hub. Now its up to you to beside if you want to change your frame. P.S. you will probably need a rear derailleur hanger if you want to use that freewheel.

    Mike the bike guy