Questions about refurbishing a bicycle?

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    I bought a old road bike with new tires. The guy I bought the bike from also gave me the original rims, but there's a lot of spoke damage. There a little rusty too. How many spokes do I need and would it be worth the trouble to refurbish them? Has anybody ever built there own Rims?

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    spokes rims and things

    I would look at your rims and see if they are in good shape and what are they made of. As for spokes I have been known to rebuild a wheel with old spokes but if the wheel was off by more than a half a inch bit I would consider replacing them. Some times you can use a rubber hammer on the rim once the spokes are off and "persuade" the rime to be round and true before you "lace" them up

    The spokes I like to use are DT stainless 14 strait gauge with a asymmetrical three cross pattern. Classic set up and if they are thirty six hole you will get the pattern to cross over at the weld and be strait at the valve hole.

    the last wheel I built was for my old Trek and the hub had died, so I took it apart found a new old (campy Nuovo Record) hub and re-laced it with the old spokes. It took longer than I wanted but I did not have that length in stock and I hate buying more spokes than I need. Used to be that you would buy spokes by the two hundred and now you get them by the eighteen.

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    A guy on eBay sells them by the 75 and he'll cut them any length in any amount. I just received a set of 37 255mm, 37 260mm and 1 75mm. Search childhood_dreams
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    If you are not familiar with wheelbuilding, it is a great exercise for the mind, and a dramatic hobby, but as far as cost effectiveness, it is often not cost effective except for purpose built wheels or the satisfaction of a personalized build.

    If by "old road bike" you mean something with 27" or 26 x 1 3/8 old school wheels, check this out.
    Sta-tru steel rims, bolt-on hubs, freewheel style, about $70-100 a set, probably will last you forever. Good choice if you are motorizing this! has a lot of Sta-tru wheels too. That's where I heard about these.

    If you have 700c wheels, look around at road bike catalogs, for box-type rims, often on wheelsets labeled as "replacements" or "training" wheels. (not like toddler training wheels lol) A lot of bike shops will stock steel rim, freewheel compatible bolt-on road bike wheels for similar prices, but they will probably be machine-built in china. These are machine built in USA, with more expensive spokes, and simulated riding before final truing and mailing.
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    happycheapskate Active Member There were several sellers with a similar name, but I think this is the guy you mean. He sells spokes. Thanks for the tip! A lot of bike shops only sell in sets of 20 or 100, and you usually need 2 sizes for a rear wheel.