Questions about SBP shift kit/Staton chain drive

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    Hi all!

    No motorized bikes here (yet). Actually I have been looking to build a mini outboard motor for my small fishing boat and got sucked into this bike thing. Now I'm looking at bike kits that will allow the motor to swap between itself and my outboard motor. :devilish:

    So I've been reading the forums for the past week and am interested in 2 kits.

    1) Sick Bike Parts shift kit
    2) Staton inside drive

    I'm confused on what the shift kit is made for. Forget about the shifting part for a it an "engine kit", or is it an "add-on" to an engine kit? I'd like to go with this one and mount an EH035 or GX35 if its a kit. If I have to buy a kit and then pay another $200 for the shifter kit, it will have to wait.

    For the Staton chain inside drive kit, it says you have to fab your own mounting system. It looks like they just attached the engine to the other side of the mounting bracket. Anyone know why it wont work with the normal hardware? I'd like to go with this kit and put it on one of those folding Dahon's but it looks like the engine has to be on the right side of the bike.

    One last question...does anyone make an adapter to mate a 54mm clutch to a 78mm clutch housing?


  2. ElementX

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    Oh yeah, so this is how I got into the whole small engine thing...

    I looked into it and to import the Super Chibi from Thailand, it would cost $700. I figured I could come up with something for less than that. I have a Honda GX25 on the way. I have been looking for a lower unit assembly to make a mini outboard motor...but haven't had much luck locating one or finding any info on how to build one. Since that project has stalled, I may as well work on the top half of my outboard - the engine.

    I've got a few spare parts on hand to help with my projects. I have 1 old pocket bike from a few years ago with 49cc 2 stroke engine. Its all banged up but would still work. I figure the twist throttle will come in handy in both projects.
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    No engine is included with the kit. It only works with the Chinese manufactured 2 stroke engines that are sold by various retailers (RAW, Dax, boygofast, etc.) It will not work with an EH035 or GX35.

    As for your Staton questions, someone else will have to handle those.
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    I believe scooterguy has a kit that'd frame-mount your Honda or Subaru engine. Then the engine is chain-connected to the bike's crank via freewheel sprocket to drive the rear gears.

    I believe that Staton makes an aluminum adaptor to convert 54mm to 78mm. Their chain and friction drive kits might also allow smaller-size clutches to bolt on.

    On their drive kits, they're universal mounting, so the drive housing need to be adjusted/shifted at the front U-bracket for fit. Not a big deal, I don't think.

    I installed a Staton friction drive and Subaru 35 engine on my Dahon folder bike. After the engine was installed, the bike couldn't be folded.

    Then I installed a TLE 43cc Mitsubishi engine with Staton chain drive onto the Dahon. The bike could now be folded.

    I did not like the way the bike handled squirrelly with the power. I removed the engine assembly and sold the bike before I killed myself.:sweatdrop:
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    Thanks for the clarification on that! I guess if I decide to go the SBP route, I already have a chinese 2 stroke available for it.
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    5-7 Heaven, thanks for the details on the Staton kit. I am all about portability so the info about the Dahon was most interesting. I live right in the middle of the city so there really isn't anywhere to safely ride a motored bike. I would want to drive out of the city to find an area where I can really enjoy motoring around.

    I think I will be ok with the handling on a tiny bike. I once attempted to do a wheelie on a pocketbike....only tried that once and I guess I haven't learned yet :D Thanks for the info!

    I just managed to get me one of these lower units for my outboard motor. Now I just need to decide whether to go with a GX25 or EH035. I would prefer to stick with the GX25 since I already bought one, but my main obstacle is finding an adapter that will allow me to use a 54mm clutch on a 78mm drum. I'll check with Staton as suggested. Thanks!

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    I believe that solves half my problem, thanks! That should allow me to attach my GX25 to anything that has the 78mm mounting pattern, however I still need to figure out the clutch drum part.

    From what I understand so far, I will need to swap out clutch drums if I want to swap engines and go between 54mm and 78mm clutches. How hard would this be to do? Is it just a matter of removing the engine, undoing the allen screw that holds the shaft and twisting the drum off? I wouldn't be trying to swap out engines on the fly or anything, I just don't want to have to do major work to swap out clutch drums.

    BTW, I read one of your posts about the dahon folder. I'm actually going to look at an old Dahon Mariner today. Not sure how old...but the style looks like this one:

    I would like to try out the Dahon with a chain drive kit that will allow the bike to fold. When you had the Robin, were you able to accellerate from a dead stop without pedaling? Got any pics or tips on the mounting for the chain drive? Did you go with the outside drive or inside drive kit? THanks!

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