Questions about Whizzer NE5 Engine

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  1. Sean Durham

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    what is the spark plug gap supposed to be on a dual ignition NE5 cylinder?
    what is the torque spec for the spark plugs?
    how do I tell which way the piston rings are supposed to face? one is all black and blank, the other is black with silver outside diameter, with an 'R' on one side.
    what is the torque spec for the cylinder base bolts? (both kinds)
    and finally what is the valve lash on the NE5 cylinder?

    Thank you anyone who answers


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  3. Joe lin installs his rings wrong spark plug hand tighten then 1 half turn to seat. I've read a lot of bs on here such as the stator air gap on these engine's it's not .012 like I've read it's.025 and boaring these out to .060 over is gonna make these little engine's run hot really people if your gonna give info make it truthful not bs.
  4. Plug gap .025to .027
  5. mason_man

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    That cylinder your putting on, are both valves 22mm?
    If so, your exhaust port needs to be size down, or your progress.