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Okay planning to cobble again. They are having a half price sale on bikes at the thrift shop. I can get a big mtb for under ten bucks. Okay the chains off but hey I'm not really going to ride it. At least not in that configuration. I have always cobbled coaster to coaster so I have a few questions.

1. Can I switch out the crank and then the rear wheel on the mtb frame. I want to use coaster wheels and crank set... I would like to use the coaster brake on the rear and the hand brake on the front. Just in case I want to use the 24" coaster wheel on this bike with my new engine.

2. If I do that I need to change the handlebars as well. I can't stand mtb handlebars. So can it be done easily. Thanks guys I honestly did try to search the site since I was pretty sure I had seen at least the handlebar part before. But I couldn't find it.

3. The mtb has a much better seat will the seat stems interchange. That is if I decide to just move it to the schwinn
1. You can more than likely swap rear wheels, but the crankset I dunno. You can always leave the mountain bike's crankset in it's place and you can (usually) remove the smallest and largest chainwheels leaving the middle 'ring. You'd have to have a chain tool to shorten the chain (motored bikers should have one in their toolbox regardless. They're not expensive and available at a local bike shop).

2. That depends on the steer tube's diameter being the same on both bikes to simply swap bar stems; older bikes usually have 1 inch steer tubes. Newer bikes have larger steer tubes; the handlebar stem will fit one or the other but not both. The handlebars may simply swap between stems, too.

3. Seat stem dias differ between bikes much more than steer tube dias so you'd have to measure with a caliper (another inexpensive though very valuable tool).

Have fun; at those prices it's hard to go wrong!

thanks thats what I needed to know about the crank. It shouldn't be a huge problem but I'll have to check the engine fit first. I really want to stay with the 24" schwinn for the engine and just add a few things from the mtb to the schwinn. Like the bigger seat with springs and a set of brakes for sure.

I have a chain tool already. First bike tool I bought. Funny bought it from a bike shop for twenty bucks, then saw one at wally world for under five. I used to have that experience with camera stores as well.
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If the seat posts are different sizes, it is often possible to just swap the seat itself.

What i did was to slide the bigger seat stim down over the smaller one. I used a bit of inner tube to wedge them together seems to work fine. thanks for the info. Because of it I gave the problem enough thought before i did it. Enough to make it work that is.