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    So I decided to take the motor out of the pedal scraper. Yes it throws sparks and yes the pedals are the kick stand. The thing is getting the carb level was no issue on the old bike but with the new mounts and poly spacers I have had to offset the carb. My question is do you guys think it's level enough? I haven't had the chance to start it up on this bike and I kinda wanna keep the intake manifold because the cyl is ported and the intake is matched to it. Second question anyone familiar or experiment with the hpi ignition? looks like the shot and could possibly fit after machining off the walls that surround the magneto.

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    looks fine to me. about 10 degrees from a guess. 35 or more is an issue...that though, is A ok.

    may need to tweak float levels. may. probably wont.

    how the beep did you ride that first thing? deathtrap! you oughtta have gotten some stumpy 125mm(5") cranks for that! i had 140mm on a bike originally fitted with 125's....even that was bad enough! (165 or 170 is standard)

    hpi ignition? as in...the single combined coil system used on most small twostrokes, like chainsaws etc?

    you would need a custom made flywheel, the magnet positions are critical, and other than the odd one used on rc aircraft engines, all are huge with an inbuilt fan, and use a tapered shaft. then mounting the coil would be an issue. would require bosses to be in the right places.

    im currently looking at RCEXL ignition units, they use a hall effect sensor, that you can mount where you please, and is tiny. all that is required is a small magnet to trigger it. the biggest issue with these ones is that...they run on 4.8 volts. need batteries.

    why? cus i wanna try and stick a toothed pulley or sprocket on the crank... an old c50 OHC head has almost the same bolt pattern as a 66 ht... :) 4 stroker ht :jester:
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    Just gotta remember to keep the pedals level when turning lol. That's the ignition I'm talking about you can buy the magneto with a blank 11mm hole in it to machine for your own apps there is a digital programmable version a bit spendy but if it's high quality and lasts... Might have to save up the ducketts and get one to try
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    This one would be all sexy exposed on the side of our motors too
    If anyone has gotten a puch crank to work both of these ignitions are made for the taper on the crank.... 4 stroke ht hmmm you could go ala f1; solenoid controlled valves with a hall sensor and a custom module it wouldn't be too complicated. Use the cogged pulley to charge your battery and run microsquirt. Fuel injected goodness