Questions setting up a belt drive system

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    Hello all...

    I have searched the forum for what I am looking for and also the GEBE website but can't seem to find the parts needed.

    I want to setup a belt drive system, I am going to use a Honda GX35 for the engine, and I will fabricate all the mounting hardware myself.

    I can't seem to find a driveshaft for the clutch and the sprocket at the end of that driveshaft to turn the belt. I see on the GEBE website they sell 11, 12, and 13 drive sprockets.... but I can't seem to find a driveshaft that this fits on.

    Here is a link to the gears I found

    Where do I find the driveshaft that will hold the belt gear (drive sprocket)?

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Are you using a standard GEBE belt?
    and their spoke attached nylon drive ring?
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    Possible sources?

    There are several ways you can go to get what you ate looking for. If you want to use GEBE drivers then I would suggest that you buy GEBE clutch housing and output shaft. I believe that the GEBE system has a 5/16 dia. 24 tpi shaft that takes their drivers. Staton-Inc also sells a clutch housing that fits the Honda motor you mention. I believe it has a 1/2 in output shaft, so to use it you would need to find another source for the HTD drivers. I'd start looking at a supplier like McMaster Carr. Viza Motors also has a clutch housing and the other parts necessary to accomplish what you are asking but the only driver they offer is a 20t. What pulley/sheave are you going to use to drive the rear wheel? What width belt are you hoping to use?

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    Yes to both...

    Believe the belt goes for $25 and the ring goes for $40
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    I would love to use the GEBE clutch housing and output shaft, I do not see it on thier website, am I missing it???

    I wanted to use the HTD belt they have for $25 and the 12 tooth driver they have at GEBE.
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    I think you would be better off just buying the kit for $350 without the engine
    They don't list the gearbox on the website with its mounting bracket and tensioner
    and never would answer me with what they sell for

    If you add up all the parts I think you will find that it comes to about the same
    or more as GEBE doesn't discount their ship/handling charges

    The only extra part you would have would be the mount

    You are probably going to need part "F" too
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