quick exhaust from emt condiuit

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  1. made a simple exhaust header pipe from a scrap of emt conduit - Lowes despot kind of store

    1/2" emt is a nice fit inside the cut off pipe that came with my engine kit - which incidentally i bought from http://www.enginesonlineshop.com/ - it was by far the least expensive i found at $139.00 (11-??-2013) and there was a black friday sale at $129 and as far as i can tell all the kits are identical-

    i cut off the stock pipe with a sawzall - in my case i left about an inch- next time i will probablly leave more
    i cut off the muffler leaving as much straight pipe as possible - not much it turns out

    i bent my emt using a conduit bender - after my first bend i simply scooted the bender along the conduit without removing it from the bender and bent it again - next time i will also twist the conduit a little so it will clear the handle of the bender and give the pipe the clearance it needs when istalled

    then i cut the straight end off the curved pipe i just made and inserted it into the loosely mounted pipe end, held the pipe in place along the frame, and marked the pipe and flange with a marker so i could line it up to weld it later

    i welded around the pipe at a low setting - (i use a fan to blow away fumes when i weld glavanized- we can argue about that some where else- i certainly don't blame anyone for not wanting to breathe that noxious smoke) my flux core system is not affected as much by coatings as far as the weld goes

    then i strapped the long pipe to the frame - i tuned up the bend by stepping in the pipe in various ways and even standing on the bend a pulling up on the pie for a more spiral effect to get the correct angle

    welded on the muffler - will likely cut the pipe down after i burn myself a few times...

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    Yeah I always liked benders with the sight right on them. Bent conduit for 30 years I know lots of tricks. For really smaller radius you can use your shoe bender like a hickey bender.
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    im glad im not the only one using emt as my exhaust pipe. :cool:

    the exhausts on my bike are actually made of emt. there a bit loud but they get the job done:
  4. what is a hickey bender?

    what is a hickey bender? and how do i use my bender like it?
    will my mom approve?
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    The NEC requires 1/2 conduit have a minimum of a 5" radius in a 90° bend. With the hickey bender the radius could be made larger or smaller. Another thing on your bender the lines for the sight right are the center of the bend for that angle. This means you can place the angle exactly where you want it. You can also turn the bender either way on the pipe. Helps a lot in bending 4 point saddles in that you can keep the saddle in front of the shoe for all 4 bends.

    Yes I think your mom will approve. May do a video on bending techniques soon. EMT is fine for what you used it for. However for things like handle bars use IMC. You'd need a 3/4 bender to bend 1/2 IMC.
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    If one must weld conduit it is best to use IMC since its made out of aluminium. You'd need a 3/4 EMT bender to bend 1/2 inch IMC. I imagine with your muffler way up in the air it moves around a lot. 1/2 EMT is very flexible. I'm sure in time you'll be bringing it down. IMC or rigid either one is thick enough to be treaded. Just some other options to consider.
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    Drinking a glass of milk before and after welding galvanized is supposed to stop this, this is what all the guys who make a living welding etc. say.

    One time I was welding galvanized for around 15-20 mins straight, in a room with all the doors closed, and my face was hovering over the weld. (Forgot about the whole fume fever thing). Let's just say I got carried away and chugged all the milk in the house :jester:

    I was fine!

    (I'm not responsible if anyone gets sick because of this advice)
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    ok now just what type of welder do we use to weld IMC??? arc... fluxcore... gase mig.. if gas mig what gas mix and wire... TIG... what voltage AC or DC and what gas mix?
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    What we need is a source of * ungalvanized * E M T Does such a thing exist ? I remember a bike that had the muffler cap drilled, and an automotive tail pipe tip, sounded wicked good at speed, looked cool when parked.
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    Here is an option for you.
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    now being the flanges are steel how do you weld to that genius
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    The technology to join aluminium to steel does exist.


    However for someone with machining and fabricating skills they should be able to make an aluminium flange to weld the IMC to. One could cut a off the nipple connector and side of a rigid junction box then shape the side like the flange then simply screw IMC or Rigid into it. After that attach it to the engine.
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    This is the small stick welder I have. I've also got a small MIG welder which is currently at my nephew house. I may even get a tig welder after the first of the year. Nothing big just something to do simple things with.
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    Here is another video which may help some.
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    just having one does not mean you know how to properly use one.. much less a quality made one ... now again what are the settings and gas mix for aluminum??
  19. LR Jerry

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    I do believe I've mentioned in previous post in past, what I've welded is steel. I do plan to learn how to weld aluminium next year. The IMC suggestion was to suggest a safer tubing to weld on other than galvanized EMT. What was offered was options. Aluminium can be bonded to steel with a special welders. You may have to go to a welding shop to have that done. There's several aluminium frame bicycles which have steel drop outs for the wheels. I also posted a couple of videos of methods to reduce risk when bonding galvanized steel.

    So IbedaYank if you know of a non galvanized steel tubing which can be bent in a hand conduit bender please tell us what it is. If you want to share with us how to fab an aluminium flange then weld it to IMC we're listening. The important thing here is to give the OP safer options to welding on galvanized steel or at least ways of reducing risk.
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    Ok this video should be the answer we're looking for. Let me apologize I made a mistake about IMC. It had been a long time since I last used it. IMC is galvanized as well. It's just stronger than EMT. There is rigid aluminium and even stainless steel conduit. IMC still would be better since its thicker and would be easier to weld after the galvanized coating has been removed. There's spray on galvanizing products which can be applied after the pipe has cooled from welding and been cleaned. This will prevent the pipe from rusting. If you chose to use rigid, hickey bending would be the best way to bend it with a hand bender.
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