Chain Tensioner Quick fix for shifting bearing chain tensioner

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    I had a problem with getting my bearing chain tensioner to lock down and not shift toward the tire.I tried tape,rubber,epoxy.And so forth with no luck.One night after a few beers I decided to try a new shoe string as a desparate measure and out of Ideas getting aggrevated with The darn thing.Anyways I wrapped It up real nice and tightly coiled for about 2 Inches about the width of the chain tensioner bar.Finished with overlapping the last 2 loops to lock them In and added a drop of gorilla glue to the end I overlapped.Slapped on my chain tensioner and tightened my screws to lock my chain tensioner to the loops I wrapped on the left bottom fork of the frame where I Installed my chain tensioner.And to my half drunken surprise.It has worked well for over 4 months without moving one bit whatsoever.Took It off to see wear and tear.And to my surprise.There Is none.Just wanted to share this tip I figured out by luck and a 12 pack of heineken and for once I am actually proud of myself for figuring out to fix this problem with the stock cheap chain tensioner bars without having to weld or buy a 200 or more dollar ridley's chain tensioner which I could not justify putting on a schwinn jaguar beach cruiser which cost only 150 brand new.Hope This helped someone out as much as It did's a little more basic knowledge from a nobody like me on a shoestring budget:001_302:
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    Pics, Where's The Pics..../ ?
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    Adjust your motor chain to fit with no tensioner, then dink with your seldom used pedal chain like this.


    Sometimes, with a 1/2 link on the pedal side you don't need any tensioner like this upgrade to the bike above.


    You don't see motorcycles with tensioners on their drive chain, you don't need one either ;-}
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