Quick pick of quick build

I put this together as something to ride around on while repairing/building some of my other MB's. It was a fun escape & distraction from other events currently happening in my world. It' really nothing that special- just a bike with some H.D. (heavy dudty) parts and the GEBE kit I had laying about. It is a vintage/retro maybe 1980's (maybe 1970's) Columbia Balloon tire frame, bars, neck, crankset, and seat with Whizzer wheelsets, Whizzer forks, and Whizzer center stand. It's powered by a New Tanaka 40cc PureFire that I've had kicking around for about 8 years, with GEBE drivetrain that I picked up about a year ago... I call it Black Sunshine as that's the song that came on the radio while building it and which inspired me while throwing it together.


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you sure do "throw together" a nice motoredbike, buddy...just by looking at it i can feel the ride, and it's great :cool:
Thanks man! There's acouple of small details I need to figure out before it's finished. Doing my thread searches now... :)
Thanks guys, gonna test fire it later this afternoon...

Like the triple trees on a cruiser frame! :cool: I'd like to se what you do when you really put time into it!

Ummm, well this is what was originally intented for this engine and when finished the engine will go back on, but this one I'm taking my time on to do proper...


I am having a problem and can't find a thread about it (I'm probably searching wrong, not being the most computer savy guy), but what do i do with the cut off switch? It is a single yellow wire with a male bullet connector on the end. The engine is a dual black wire with a double snap in type connector... Did I miss this in my search or has no one else had a brain fade on what to do with this...
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just try grounding one at a time, try jumping the terminals next...you know the rest.
First ride

The first ride was a smashing success!!! I mixed my fuel to exacting spec.s with a precision oil mix measuring cup (available at most off road m/c shops), and filled the tank. I pushed the primer bulb until I saw no air. Set the choke on full. Pulled the rip cord thrice.
One more pull.
"pOp, POP, sputter, blehp, burp."
Set the choke to half.
Half of a full pull on the rip cord and she was running. Let it warm for a second and open the choke all the way.
With helmet, leather, chaps, boots, gloves, and eye wear (ALL the gear, ALL the time!!!) on and zipped, I pedal out of the drive while engaging the throttle; whatdayaknow?!?! we're motorvating!
Well I was just gonna go around the block, but Black Sunshine just wouldn't return home no matter how I might beg and plead, she just kept on- cruisin' around the neighborhood! Dang that ol' stubborn pony of mine! ;)

I have this overshadowing, this forseeing of the future. With a shudder that stands the hairs on the back of my neck and tickles my arms; with a touch of sizzle-fire lightning in my veins and quickening of pulse I do, here and now, believe that this beast, this Black Sunshine, and I will have some great adventures across this great, vast America of ours before our time is done...:cool:
Well the parts are gathered, b ut for the wire I want. The lighting will be on next week.
This has been kinda fun...
lighting done

Got the lighting all but done. Headlamp, taillamp and scratch built wire harness with fuse and on/off toggle. I'm working on the battery box and wiring harness covers now. We'll be ready and rockin' for the rally in a couple of weeks!!!


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