Quick pick of quick build

I put this together as something to ride around on while repairing/building some of my other MB's. It was a fun escape & distraction from other events currently happening in my world. It' really nothing that special- just a bike with some H.D. (heavy dudty) parts and the GEBE kit I had laying about. It is a vintage/retro maybe 1980's (maybe 1970's) Columbia Balloon tire frame, bars, neck, crankset, and seat with Whizzer wheelsets, Whizzer forks, and Whizzer center stand. It's powered by a New Tanaka 40cc PureFire that I've had kicking around for about 8 years, with GEBE drivetrain that I picked up about a year ago... I call it Black Sunshine as that's the song that came on the radio while building it and which inspired me while throwing it together.


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I should have the stainless steel battery box back from the welder tomorrow... Then remounting the tank, changing the pedal crank and pedals, remounting the chainguard, and replacing the fuel line. I'm one day's work away from done! :D


ReLoaded- 'Black Sunshine' 2.0

Well She's almost done and ready for the upcoming photoshoot (details later), but here she is after a teardown, and rebuild :devilish: The 'Shockmaster' Fork rides so nicely with this bike; The twisted wrench light mount works sweet, the matching brake lever (still needs paint) ties it in nicely, and the drag bars make me happier than the wide cruisers...
She rides beautifully, though I don't like the action of the Whizzer front brake at this point. We'll see if it wears in; if I still don't like it by summer I'll take it off and run a standard front hub.
Thanks fer letting me do a little more 'Show & Tell'


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Nov 4, 2006
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that's gotta be the most bad-a** GEBE, I have ever seen!
I especially like the twisted-wrench accessories!!

(pardon me, while I steal your ideas!!) ;)


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Jun 15, 2008
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man oh man
that is a sweet looking motor bike

I am just hanging around and dreaming about my motor bike #2 someday a comming
your 2 wheel ride there -- gives me -- some great ideas

thank you -- have fun riding that MB thing


Man, I wish I had parts like that just kickin around. I hate to say it but I liked it better in the first pics when it was all clean and simple, the whizzer forks were sweet too.


Man, I wish I had parts like that just kickin around. I hate to say it but I liked it better in the first pics when it was all clean and simple, the whizzer forks were sweet too.

I appreciate your candor, and celebrate your difference of opinion- That is what this is all about man- personalization, individuality, and making yours for you. Dig it!!! Freedom of choice and self expression...!
I have been collecting junk for a long time now, that's what my life is; it's all for the building of cooler junk! LOL!!! The whizzer forks looked good but were way to heavy for my liking.