Quick Poll: Interest in lighter sprockets for SBP shift kit.

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    I'm looking into getting custom made lighter weight sprockets made for the motor side in the SBP shift kit, i.e the 17T and possibly shaft and 10T sprockets. The current sprockets are solid steel with huge overkill collars. 17T sprocket is .8lbs!!!!! Just too heavy, I'd be getting them made out of alu. For CNC obviously margins of scale exist so just trying to gauge how many people here would buy spares if I have a small production run made. You'd be looking at somewhere between 50-120$ per sprocket. Let me know!



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    Woops, just read the sticky? Guess my post is out of line? Any place I can post something like this? Delete at will.
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    I can't spend that kind of money on a sprocket...
    Wouldn't make sense, either.
    A CVT is two hundred and covers it all.

    ...so there's your competition, can you beat them?
    Why would a vast majority of the MAB crowd choose your product?

    Good luck

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    Shift kit sprocket

    CVT, as in continuously variable tranny? Never seen, what does
    It look like?
    Cost could be less aswell, havn't received a quote back yet.
    Not really a product per say, would have a few spares to sell possibly from a single production run.
    For myself, the weight savings is worth the price. I've bought a set of
    Alum chain rings for the shift kit and it makes hella difference compared to
    The stock steel rings and didn't have to slave and drill lightening holes.

    your fb is welcomed
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    Hey M,

    I'm not exactly clear what your goal is, yet imo, this should help almost any small engine that produces enough power to deal with the additional mass and associated drag.

    The link is cometkartsales.com and there are a number of other vendors and similar products.

    Good luck

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    Light weight sprocket for shift kit

    Oh, goal is all about saving weight, not trying to reinvent the wheel, just trying save a little weight on the shift kit thats been around for a while. That CVT looks awesome..... But it's pretty complex, probably weighs a good bit and kind of brings things into the motocycle" category. Thanks for link and diagram, will check it out.
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    Great goal, M... I don't mean to take away from that objective.
    I dunno what the comet weighs, but they'll have all that info at their site.
    Thing about it is that everything but a single driven gear and the brake are all that are needed on the aft end... Still, I'll bet it's heavier, though.
    Good luck on your quest!
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    If you do go with lighter sprockets please posts results MTB. I'm interested in finding out if the lighter sprockets will help with acceleration. or if it will just save a little weight.
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    With an extra 20 lbs on my waist, it be cheaper for me to lose the pound...

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    Shift Kit weight reduction

    They won't do much for acceleration, or it would be fairly negligible anyway. Losing a pound will have the same effect while you're on your bike but losing the weight ON the bike means it's easier to lift, push pull etc. I have a custom built FS bike that I thrash around in serious rough trails and terrain, less weight on the bike is a must.

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    Light Weight gear

    Really not sure if I'm "allowed" to do this but admin feel free to chime in.

    I received the quote for an all aluminum 17T #40chain sprocket. Would be about 1/4 weight of the super heavy steel sprocket supplied with the kit. If say 10+ people are interested, would be around 40-50$ for the sprocket. C'mon shift kit people, speak up. Something you'd want??????? Let me know. I know I want one! Just need a few more numbers to bring the pricing down. We all know how CNC small batching works. The more you make, the cheaper per unit.
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    Especially if you live in NY and ever have to throw it over a fence to get away from a board Cop. They want to ban aluminum up here now!

    So what grade would the sprockets need to be made from to hold up and exactly how thick? I've got a machine that will do it, but I'd have to re-tool it!

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    6061 or 7000 series, anything a normal aftermarket motorcycle sprocket would be made of. Thickness could be .130", tappered teeth. I have CAD files. Would be nice to redo the shaft in alu. too. Or hollowed steel. There goes another 1/4lb.
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    I could come close to that price, pending cost of metal. How many inches across are they, about 6 or 7?
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    A cnc shop should be way better priced then me!!!

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    light weight gear

    No. Kings already makes the chain rings in CNC. I'm talking about the 17T motor side sprocket, the solid steel one that weighs 1lb. I've gotten quotes from CNC shops. It aint cheap. Starts to get reasonable in 50-100 qty.
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    Sick Bike Parts now has the super low weight - 3.5 oz - 17T Jackshaft sprocket for your shifter kit..........