Sprockets quick question 36 or 32 tooth sprocket

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    I got a two stroke ht engine with a 44 tooth sprocket. O. I wanna put a 36 or a 32 tooth on it will that help it from winding out to fast ? Cause it is all bark and know go sounds like it is doing100 mph and only doing 20. Always having to back off the throttle 10 to 15 seconds after i take off .And im not even going full throttle on the throttle button only going half way. And i got full engagement on my clutch . I realize it will increase my speed with a smaller sprocket on it i was needing that to . So any ideas . thanks in advance
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  2. geebt48cc

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    Ok then,

    Go 36T---------------------
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    well i guess the question im asking will going down in sprocket size help with the over reving of the engine while moving.??????????????
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    It will take longer to reach a higher speed with a 36t sprocket. It needs time to wide out due to gearing size.

    Smaller the sprocket the faster it will go in the long run.
    Bigger the sprocket it will have better take off speed and less speed in the long run. Bigger will also help you get up hills easier.

    I had the 36t sprocket on my bike and my engine was reving to high and not going anywhere (engine wasn't producing enough power to move me) so i changed back to a 44t sprocket and my problem was fixed :D

    so to answer your question; you might be able to attach the 34t sprocket and turn that bark into speed.
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