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    Hi all I just got my bike finished I use a schwinn lannok beach cruiser and an 66cc skyhawk engine ,runs great starts every time.I took it to orlando from were I live in kissimmee was a great ride about 30-40 miles round trip. engine seemed warm but not hot i was impressed, but one thing every so often it would kinda bog out, like it was smoothering itself, humm let me better explain ,if I gave it gas it would kinda sputter and slow down so if I cluched it and reved the engine a couple time it went away or if i just let off the gas very easy and then gave it more very easy it kinda cleared up I dont know like it was getting too much gas and drowning something to that affect any advice. o and my engine has a 2 cables a throttle and a choke cable the choke is not on, its like connected to a shifter that i never use zip tied:bowdown: to the side .

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    Two strokes will tolerate running rich better than four strokes but while the engine seems to be running ok, power will be substandard. If you run a two stroke sloppy rich, it won't warm up to a normal operating temperature. Sounds to me like you need to lean out your fuel / air mix but be careful, too lean will destroy your engine.
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    usually stock standard with the normal exhaust, theyre rich as.

    you have the fancy carb...um, no idea what jet that wants.

    but on the standard carb its 0.79mm stock...i made a jet of 0.6mm. much nicer. ended up going up again to 0.65, may have to find imperial/guage size drill for say... 0.63mm.


    i get what you get too...my ride to work is about 6km... fine. halfway it sorta dies off n gets weak... then picks up and its fine again. ive tuned it as well as i can with the stock carb, with a new pipe... depends on the day and time and i have no idea what else.

    they are one temperamental engine... luck of the draw i guess. so as they heat up etc, clearances change... an engine might go hard when cold but dies when hot... and vice versa !

    they are cheap after all... so unless you spend money on things like rechromed bores...(mine was full of holes when i got it...meh!) dont expect tooooo much consistency ;)
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    Engine question

    Hello again i thought Id ask a quick question my engine runs fine and it seems that every once in a while it bogs out, I:helmet: can be going fine but if i give it gas seems to die out like im flooding it ,but if i clutch it rev the engine a couple times or just let off the gas it kinda clears up is there a problem or ? I got the 2011 engine with the choke on it but i have never used the choke starts everytime .