Quick release Cargo Trailer: (do it yourself)

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    Just built this cargo trailer for my MB. It is strong and not that hard to build. It is built out of 1/2 EMT conduit you can get from the hardware store at $1.98 for a 10 ft. piece in the electrical isle. The yellow holding bucket i found at a business that went out of business and they left it behind. It disconnects with only the turn of one screw to take off of MB in a snap.

    Check out picts,

    <img src = "http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/bonefish1855/DSC03191.jpg"

    <img src = "http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/bonefish1855/DSC03195.jpg"

    <img src = "http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/bonefish1855/DSC03194.jpg"

    <img src = "http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/bonefish1855/DSC03192.jpg"

    <img src = "http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/bonefish1855/DSC03193.jpg"

    And this is what it looks like after you disconnect the trailer:

    <img src = "http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/bonefish1855/DSC03196.jpg"

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    Some serious ideas there! I like them both..

    Simplicity of the spring and Happy's frame will be the guist of my build if I ever get arround to it. Thanks for posting the ideas Guy's!
  4. stude13

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    hey bonefish, why cant i pull up the pics?
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  6. machiasmort

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    I did alot of reading on trailers for bikes last night.

    One Web page really sticks in my mind. I can't believe it but this guy was pulling two Kyacks! It was pretty cool! We're about to see the dawn of a new era in this Country, I've got a feeling.
  7. Xqizid

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    That is a beautiful looking bike! What is it?
  8. strotter

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    Totally cool trailer. I am going to build this.
  9. Quadranut

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    Good Job ( strike ) Excellent job but one thing does bother me............ That " quick release " connector......... is that it for connecting the trailer? If it is what I think it is some serious rethinking should be done. That metal is NOT and I repeat not strong enough for this application. One good " torque " on it and out comes the tube. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  10. RMWdave

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    you know, when i was like 13 or 15 years old me and my dad built a conduit trailer with that exact same size blue and white rubber bin, but mine was a little beefier!
    im going to make one to haul my pocketbike on later on for next year:)
  11. machiasmort

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    This whole thread has got the wheels turning. I just picked up a rear bike rack and am comming up with ideas for a rear hitch to go ontop of the rack.
  12. RMWdave

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    seriousley tho, half an hour and $60 at the hardware store will hook you up! dont forget to buy the glue ;) there is stuff made for both abs and pvc and there is a combination one too (abs plastic can get bent sitting in the sun, best to use it only for your fittings and elbows!)
  13. RMWdave

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    for your axle, you can just use a piece of threaded rod and no bearings in the wheels, it will wear tires out if your turning alot but hey, its cheap. put the axle through some cartridge bearings in drilled out endcaps i forget exactly the fittings i had used, but man.. go to the hardware store lol (ill be needing a trailer if i ever plan on a us trip eh? lol
  14. Happy Valley

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    I like 20 or 24 inch wheels. I'm always on curb and trash alert and have been lucky finding freebie kid's bikes as junkers just for the wheels. I use the axles from the bikes and make drop-outs as depicted in the link I posted upthread. Works great.
  15. RMWdave

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    or you could make dropouts lol
  16. grouchyolfart

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    Another option for those not mechanically inclined or short on time is to keep your eye out on Craigslist or local garage sales for those toddler bike trailers. Prices can range from free to over $100. Just gotta shop around. They also come with rain covers or sun shades. :D
  17. roughrider504

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    If you can find a junked or cheap kiddie trailer, they make great frames when stripped down. I recently found an older InStep trailer in the trash and am currently rebuilding it. One cool feature is the arm that attaches to the bicycle folds under the trailer for storage.
  18. biken stins

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  19. machiasmort

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    Looks like you could do it easy by making your pivit at the tow bar end.

    Seems like 2 sepperate pieces. Take and use a heavy 360 roller bearing from a chair for your leanning radius on the tow bar instead of that fancy setup, they use at the chain stay. A spring under the big lynch pin holding the trailer to the tow bar would give you up and down and L/R pivot through turns.

    Anybody see problems?
  20. biken stins

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    Like that idea !
    Was going to try a heavy duty castor.
    That seems it could wobble bad.
    Your way make since to me.
    The u-joint type seemed good also but where do you find a small one?
    Hope others will chime in...