Quick release Fuel Tank

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    Has anyone on here came up with a system for a quick release fuel tank? I will be parking my bike in my apartment for lots of reasons but i really don't want to smell gas. Also if anyone has any new ideas would be helpful. I'm wanting to use the tank that comes with the HT motor setup.

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    Thanks for the redirect. When i get the tank in my hands and look over it i will let you know if i come up with anything. right now im thinking along the lines of a low profile quick detach rifle scope mount but i still have to figure out if there is even a way to attach the tank to this. hmmmm
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    Quick Release Tank Attachments

    There are a number of respectable epoxy products out there, say West G-Flex and 610 that could do it, and a product called Weld something or something Weld, that is not so expensive that might work, if you do your homework.

    Still, what ever is used, be sure to have a safety harness, so if the union fails, the tank does not become a danger to others or the rider.

    If you have not done so, there are some threads immediately below to review, as noted.
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    The best is - to weld it.

    I figure you're prolly talking about JB Weld though.
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    Perhaps tabs that are welded to the sides of the top tube where the tank sits on and a quick release skewer that holds the tank through the tabs???