Quick thoughts on first MB build

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    Keeping this short...

    The bike: Schwinn Searcher 7 speed bought new for $149.

    The engine: 66cc mb kit from ebay for $119.

    Everything very welled packed and all accounted for except a few nuts and washers, but this was expected.

    Had to put the rear sprocket on twice to flip it over to better allign the chain. The front motor mount had to be drilled thru, used a dremel to set a pilot hole and drilled thru rather easily. Motor bolted in with lots of loctite. Cables went in rather easily and ran up to bars. Chain broken and tensioner (cheap junk) was setup and tightened. Gas tank is a problem, the tube is just as wide as the bolt are so I need to come up with an idea for that, for now zip tied to frame. About 4 hours labor to get bike road ready.

    Out to the street, tried several attemps at jumping her but she would not start, she ran for a few seconds and died. After nearly passing out from trying to much, I unhooked the kill switch and she started right up but would not idle. Back in garage for a idle reset.

    Now the ride, she was very rough running at first, but seemed to run a little smoother on the way home. Kept her under 15 the whole time, about a twenty minute ride or so. She handled a few hills pretty good for me as I weigh 230lbs.

    When I disengage the clutch and coast, I can hear a whining nice coming from the chain sprocket, is this normal???

    All in all, the build was pretty straight forward with a few hurdles. I need to redo a couple things before I can call it done and post pictures here.

    Definately needs a better seat for long rides! I like the adjustable handlebars!
    The engine is pretty quiet while riding, and I am sure will get better over time.

    Any thoughts on the whining noise I am hearing?

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    Check out this pic to solve the gas tank mounting problem - That metal "ribbon" with the holes is common at hardware stores, and cheap. Get a good pair of tin-snips as well to cut it like butter (worth it).


    Yes it is normal - to cut that noise down, take off the big round clutch plate, cut some cardboard, and stick it in there! There is a thread about this mod, search for it if you have questions.

    I like the searcher's adjustable stem, the straight handlebars are not really the best for the motorbiking. I have another bike with some wide-*** handlebars and the ride is much more enjoyable, upright if you will.

    Mess with the idle screw to set the idle. Screw in is higher rpms, screw out is lower.

    Enjoy !
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