QuickReleaseAxles & GEBE mounts

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    I wish Golden Eagle Bike Engines would accomodate those bike owners who have quick-release wheels. It's not that the quick-release skewers are weak; they hold you up, the bike, and other gear you might happen to have brought with you. It's just that GEBE side engine mounts are recessed to rest upon a solid 5/8" axle.

    And another thing, quick-release wheels are more common than wheels with solid axles. GEBE sells solid axles in pairs. They are easy to change into if you have the tools and know-how. A real problem though, is finding the right cones and spacers. Try finding those!
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    Moving thread to Rack Mount.
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    safety over convenience

    the easy answer is that a quick-release (skewer) axle just isn't up to motorvatin', no matter the style of drive you use it's safer to have solid axles :cool: