Quiet your China Girl engine - cheap & easy!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Bzura, Sep 3, 2014.

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    This is something I just discovered by trying it out myself. Instead of paying $$$ for sound dampeners for the noisy, drum-like case covers of your China Girl just purchase a can of Plasti-Dip for about 6 bucks. Remove your case covers & degrease then VERY WELL. Then lay them on a flat surface and pour in about 1/8" of the Plasti-Dip into each one and allow time to dry. Install on engine & you will notice it runs quite a bit quieter.

    Now, obviously the is not going to get rid of all your engine noise, but it definitely does help. And if done correctly it will last a very long time. PLUS you'll still have most of the can of Plasti-Dip left to coat the handles of some of your tool & whatever else you want to Plasti-cise. And the stuff comes in a few different colors....not that it matters because you won't even see it if used on your case covers.

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    Hi Matt,

    I did the same think but used the Sealant spray advertised for fixing leaking gutters.I sprayed about 1/4" in the Clutch cover which settled to an 1/8". It seemed better than using cardboard which I have heard some use.

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    much of that gear noise comes from slight mismatches of the teeth faces as they mesh. You'll notice as the engine ages and the teeth wear down to a smooth curve (instead of a flat surface) the sound becomes much less.
    You can speed up that process by putting valve grinding compound on the teeth until they wear down and then spray them off and put on a good grease.
    The wrong thing to do is use a good grease from the start. Let them wear down till they mesh silently.
    There is a huge difference in noise between new teeth and worn down teeth. (by "worn down" I don't mean to suggest they are on their last leg)