Quieting it up! Part 2

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Neufcruz, Apr 23, 2016.

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg So my silencer pipe experiment was a complete success. Quiet as a mouse and running better on bottom and top.
    Now to quiet this noisy, clunky sounding motor up some. I glued some 1/4" cork board to the inside of each cover. My question is where can I add grease to help with the noises? Obviously in the gear drive but on the clutch cover side, where does it go? Only in the small gear? I don't want to get grease where it's not supposed to go.

  2. FurryOnTheInside

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    Does the meshing of the cogs appear to be making noise like they are too square? Someone mentioned years ago, think it was Jaguar, that you can use valve grinding paste to accelerate the wear process. Clean cogs, apply paste, run for a bit (I guess until you hear a difference), clean thoroughly, apply red grease. Hopefully I am not misquoting.
    My engine doesn't even arrive until May 6th so I'm only saying that I read this. I plan on trying it.
    I would mainly grease the larger cog (and let it grease the smaller primary cog) as it turns at less rpm and flings grease out/away from the clutch, and only use the bare minimum anyway. Seems logical, but see above, May 6th etc lol. :)
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    Nice work, neufcruz.

    I'd be interested in seeing what you've done with your exhaust. I searched 'quieting it up', but found nothing. Did that thread have a different title?
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    The thread is a few down. "Too loud! Would this work?
    In short, just coupled my chamber to cut stock pipe baffle. Luckily both ends were same size and I found that coupler at my local ACE Hardware.
    Real quiet. Almost too quiet, hence the reason for this thread.
    Best part was no loss of power. Might try and re-jet tidsy or tomorrow and see what I get.
  5. skyash

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    You can grease but needs to be a good one to stay on the cogs if it's not or you use to much it gets on your clutch pads. And slipedy slip slip
  6. Steve Best

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    Wipe off any excess grease before you start.
    Just use one matchhead sized dab of grease spread thinly amongst the center of the large gear teeth.
    Less is better in this case. Re grease every second tank of fuel. It will quiet down.
    I would not use valve grinding compound on the teeth. Too many ways to go wrong.

    I am using Lucas Red&Sticky but any EP2 grease should work.
    Save the Moly or STP or other additives for after the gears quiet down (about 3-4 tanks of fuel).

  7. jaguar

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    Yes I am the one. I realized the noise was because the teeth were lacking some smoothness in how they meshed. So running it with valve grinding paste rounded off the teeth and made it much more quiet.
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    Damn. I put a bit of grease in there. It reminds sent seem to be slipping, yet. Lol
    I'll yank and clean and put can rr ft gease/paste.