quite new to this but working on a daily rider

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    while many use these as a toy, and i can see that to be awesome, but i plan to use this is a primary means of transportation.

    I have a Angle Fire Black Flying Horse mounted on a donated small frame mountain bike

    it has taken me about three weeks to mount and get it running.

    it still needs some work as the throttle is not working and the kill switch was killing it before running.

    while i have the company for support(bikeberry) i turn to the real life experts on here

    i hope i can gain enough knowledge to be able to help. it is certainly a challenge to do but from what little time i have rode it, well worth it for sure. quite fun..and dangerous at the same time.

    my dad was a motorcycle enthusiast and remember growing up around motorcycles(my dad was a career salesman at KK motorcycle supply in Dayton) so i am familiar of things but this one is a bit unorthodox.

    still i am learning a lot of things on it.

    i will post for help on another section

    I am one for using this bike as a daily commute, thus saving gas and a lot on commuting expenses

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    I have an old Huffy that looks a lot like that. those caliper brakes are horrid. See if you can do a "V" brake or disc on the front.
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    i am finding out they don't have a lot of stopping power. in fact the clutch does more, which is not good. i wouldn't know the first thing about putting disc brakes on it.i have been getting a lot of attention from it riding around town. but still need some help with this throttle issue as how i am adjusting it while moving is very unsafe. it is fun but really scary too

    each day i do learn something new. already took it to the store three times and down the road on an errand in traffic. need to make it safer if i want to continue it.
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    the bike I have coming (should arrive tomorrow!) has the V brakes front and back... I've only just heard about disc brakes from reading this site over the last couple days... are discs better than Vs? Comparable?