R/S EH035 Died on me yesterday

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by brownboy, Jul 17, 2012.

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    I started my bike yesterday it went about half a block then started cutting out then died, I smelled something that seemed like a wire. I checked it out and dont see anything burned. I took out the plug put the cap back on put it on metal and pulled on the coil it was sparking but seemed to me that its not a strong spark. Im thinking its a plug or an ignition coil malfunction, but not sure...I tried spraying ether in the carb and it didnt start so Im thinking its not a carb fault. Ive ordered a plug from staton and am thinking bout getting another ignition coil. Does anyone one have any knowledge or advice on this?

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    How old is the motor? Do you have a kill switch on there? From what you stated i'd take the cover off of the flywheel and look at the kill wire to see if its pinched or insulation rubbed off. Totally disconnect the kill switch and see wassup. Place to start. Soobie CDIs usually are bullitproof but ya never know. Reason I asked about how old is the motor is they carry a 3 year noncommercial warranty on them so maybe its covered, check with who you bought it from.
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    Oh wow I didnt think bout the warranty. I ordered the ignition coil last night and the staton site says electrical items are non-returnable. Do you know if it has to be sent to the place of purchase or can any robin mech\tech work on it. I think there is a robin certified tech near here.
  4. Anytime you get an engine cutting out and then dying, always check the kill switch first. Then follow the kill wire back to the engine, checking for insulation chaffed and shorting out. Even a quality outfit like Staton has had problems with cheap switches shorting out and makeing the engine cut out. It won't hurt a bit to have a spare coil/magneto on hand, so don't throw the old one away before you check it for resistance.
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    sorry i havent updated

    Yea I agree its always good to have spares. But yea I'm back to tearing up the streets. It turned out (lil embarrast to say) my plug..I neglected to keep it clean. I put a new one in and it fired right up. Actually I overlooked that periodic maintanance to-do. Anyway I believe my old one should be fine with a scrubbing and hey another spare. So true about them cheap kill switches. The one that came with the kit didn't last a week before it started fowling up. I used a toggle for awhile it worked good but recently got the high-quality switch Staton sells. Its a good fit I have it screwed onto the motor and works excellent.
    Thanks for the input/////RIDE WITH PRIDE!