RAAM 4 man team winner

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by recumbentbill, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. RAAM for those not in the know stands for Race Across AMerica which was just recently . The race starts in Ocean side Cal and ends in Annapolis MD 3000 something miles. The real reason I'm posting this is to brag on the 4 man Recumbent team that kicked booty.Team RANS was the only recumbent team in the race so even if they came in last they would still be the winner in their division Team RANS riders were racing in the middle age bracket. They were riding the new RANS X Stream Long Wheelbase Dual 26" wheels. The four man division had a bunch of teams riding standard bicycles. I guess the old saying that recumbents are slow and can't climb has been de bunked. The bents climbed well in the rockies and the appalachians:cool2:

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    Wow - a cross country ride on anything human powered deserves a huge kudos! Congrats on completing the race. Do you have any pictures of the scenery across this great land? You must have some cool stories too! We're all ears.
  3. RAAM I didn't rideit

    If I came across as having participated in the race[I didn't do the race] then I apologize. I own several RANS recumbents and have completed several centuries and thats it.I aint a racer. I just wanted every one to know about the RANS team Recumbentriders and their fantastic achievement. :detective:
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    Oh, OK lol.