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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by andyinchville1, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. HI All,

    I am thinking of organizing a race of motorized bicycles here in Charlottesville (This could be applied anywhere though) but thought it might be a good idea to see what some peoples ideas are as far as rules would be concerned.....Maybe we could form some sort of organization for the racing of our motorized bikes.....Kinda like NASCAR is to stock car racing....Any ideas?...Here are a few of my ideas to get it started....

    1) Have 2 classes Street Legal (less than 50 CC class) and Stealth class (70
    CC and under). Maybe a stock and modified class too withing each

    2) Have a weight limit on the bike of say 50 lbs (discourages somebody from
    taking a small motorcycle and putting pedals on it and calling it a motorized

    3) To keep costs reasonable, Have a claim system where the winning bike
    has to sell their engine for $500 (or some other price) if somebody wants
    to buy it (this would discourage all out big $$ entries from dominating the
    field)....(they sometimes do this in RC car racing to keep things lower
    budget....Of course we could also have an unlimited class to really push
    the state of the art even higher)

    4) Of course all bikes should be roadworthy and safe.

    Any other Ideas?....


  2. dave1490

    dave1490 Guest

    ever watch pink,s.i just mod my bike cause im trying to keep up to all the non 270ib riders.it,s a good idea to port the intake and exhaust,add a boost bottel,and do some cylinder porting the off the line it will **** but from 20km to 50km it will fly.with a 44 tooth.the best would be if these baby,s would scream then put a 50 tooth on it and get 12% more pulling force aswell as more voulumetric effecticy from the higher rpm{raming effect}.but that,s all realitive to the strengh of the other parts.

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  3. Racing Motor Bicycles?

    Hi, I've got a guy out here that wants to fill a Whizzer with Nitro, on a special bike, and do exibitions at the drags that he runs a Nitro car at. I'm not sure what I think of his idea. I have not figured out if this would be positive advertising, or negative. I get the feeling he wants me to "sponsor" this operation.

    At the Whiz-in we ride a bunch of bikes, nearly a hundred. We have a poker run, and a couple of pickups with trailers in case bikes don't make it (one year 15 didn't make it, including my wifes bike, which the pipe vibrated off). We ran 66 miles that day, and instead of an organized race, there was a lot of jockying in and out of the pack. Slowest bikes should start in the very front, as they will be getting there last, and it cuts down waiting for them.

    The poker run gives 4 stops for cards and to regroup which is always good. We returned for a BBQ to help benifit the club for the expenses of renting the facility, providing water, soda, cookies etc, on the ride. The poker hands were done in a clever way, in that they made a "wheel of fortune" with a bicycle wheel, and wherever it stopped, the pointer told what card, and they merely wrote it down on your lil scorecard.

    If you are not returning for a BBQ then a lunch stop is an easy thing to plan in most towns.

    If you start having "engine claiming" you may run into a situation with hard feelings. Most of the motorbicycle owners I know, are older guys, and in many cases have a lot of time and work, and sometimes money in thier bikes, and would not want to participate in that form of a gamble. I can guaretee you, even tho I would like to race some, and do run hard in the pack, I would not ever run in an engine claiming race.

  4. try1897

    try1897 Guest

    Hey man I'd go for a poker run....Tom in W.V.
  5. dbigkahunna

    dbigkahunna Guest

    Give the race 3 aspects. Speed, time and fuel consumption. The one traveling the fastest in the shortest time using the least fuel would be the winner. Each classification would have 10 points. 30 points being the highest score. This would even out those who have incentives to, shall we say stack the deck in their favor. You could be the fastest and still not win the race based on the other two requirements.
  6. HI,

    Good ideas.....Yes, I was a little leery of the engine claiming idea too (What are you trying to hide? heh heh ;-)....I guess I wouldn't want to sell my secret weapon either!) but was just trying to make some rules to keep racing fair and reasonably affordable...

    As far as having the 3 aspects to balance out the race, that does seem like a good idea....I had a similar similar idea but to make sure the motorized bike is still essentially a bicycle I thought about adding a human powered only aspect to the race...That is maybe Race using the engine for a certain distance then have a portion of the race under strictly human power...

  7. dbigkahunna

    dbigkahunna Guest

    One thing you could do is be sure everybody starts with the same amount of fuel and travels the same course. This would give each the option to use more petal power or fuel when they though it necessary. The ones using more fuel would go faster but would not travel as far. Make it a 1/2 hour race. THe one traveling the furtherest, the fastest using the least fuel wins.
  8. Good idea bigK....I was thinking along those lines today too while mowing....Of course we'd have to figure what a fair amount of fuel would be....I suppose to make it interesting may have to fuel on the low side to stress a little economy....of course with the mileage these bikes get we may have to allocate fuel by the ounce!

  9. srdavo

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    I remember Cookie saying she offered to race a harley, for distance...each starting with only 1 cup of fuel.
  10. try1897

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    I'd still go for a plain old poker run! Tom
  11. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    well im here i college station and am thinking of doing a race
    but it is bit of a risk taker do to it is a dead speint
    in the worst traffic conjested part in town for 6 milles
    cuting in and out of traffic and still going when cars are stoped

    and then leads to the highway bypas for a dead sprint of 5milles
    of doing 50+ the cuting back trow town on a scaderd run for 8milles
    to a check point and for the kick of a life time tick off every golfer
    buy riding trow the bigest golf course during the golf curse being used and seeing how you do on the fine cut grass and then going to gumbys
    for a nice peice of pizza they are good mmmmm pizza

    in all like a 25mil race and what i like the most ilegal but its like a bandit race
    well thats me later and comeing soon
    i call it south texas death ride
  12. japat100

    japat100 Guest

    the most attention you will get is a fund raiser ride,
    .. 500 bikes each pay $10 === $5,000 raised ..
    and the ride is also to raise awareness ,, , save our energy, 150 mpg ,, less carbons ..,save the planet ,, and when government battle begins on mb ,the best argument we have is the environment ,,save the planet

    i am not in favor of a race if it has to do with speed , whats the average age of mb riders ???, 50 year old bones break easy , what image do you want in the eyes of the public ?? right now are biggest concern is safety ,because that will be a deciding factor on mb ,

    maybe a contest as part of the fund raising events such as how far you go on a quart of gas , ,,a bike that can climb the highest grade ,,best paint job ,best lighting system ,,best brakes system ,,and prize system would be different color ribbons ,keep money out of it , fun day for mb riders and there family

    a camping event where mb riders and there family meet for a weekend of fun,,and to raise awareness on the environment ,,lets do it