raced with some 50cc motorcycles

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    I got to take the bike out this weekend to race it with some 50cc pocket bikes. it wont lean nearly as far as the minibikes :D but it was a blast to ride!

  2. jaguar

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    how far did they leave you behind?
  3. JunkyardDog

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    There used to be factory made full size 50cc bikes, like the Honda MB5 and the Kawasaki AR70. These bikes had manual transmissions and could hit 50 mph without blowing up. I would love to have one of these now, but the few that are left cost an arm and a leg. And parts are impossible to find. The benefit to a motorized bicycle is that it can be ridden in bike lanes and to the far right same as a pedal bike in my state, which makes them usable in town. Mopeds and small motorcycles and scooters are not allowed to do that, and since they cannot keep up with traffic, you will not live long on one in city traffic.
  4. connerdsny

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    I have seen recently some Chinese-made bikes like you described. They were full sized, legal on the road, and were capable of 50-60 mph (the speedo went to 90). they're super affordable but not that common and parts are still few and far between. I don't remember what the brand was, so I'm not sure if they're still available new...
  5. skyash

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    The bigger pocket bikes i think are called x1 up to newest x7 i don't know the brands .thay won't fit in your pocket lol and have nice looking cvt .
  6. skyash

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    X18 110cc 4 stroke pocket bike
  7. Steve Best

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    I grew up in Belgium where you were limited to 50cc until you were 18.
    Some of my friend's bikes had no trouble hitting 100kph (60mph) and keeping up with road traffic.
    I was into bicycling and used to race the clunky mopeds that could only do 30kph on the flat.

    While I lived there (1970s) there was a guy who set a world speed record of 130mph with a Kreidler 50cc motor in a streamliner chassis.

    Steve Best
  8. Arty

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    I`ll bet you had a blast!!
  9. gary55

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    Belgium birthplace of the beautiful STG-58
  10. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    And the old 1942 Browning Hi-Power that I used in the army, and the FNC1/FN-FAL I used as an infanteer, and later the Canadian C6 GPMG (FN-MAG) and C9 Minimi SAW and the wild FN-P90. Belgium makes some hot hardware. Of course the world knows about the Belgian chocolate, and waffles, but my favourite food was their French Fries. Thick cut fries, double fried in beef tallow and covered with mayonnaise and perhaps some "moules" on the top. Belgium is also makes some of the best beers in the world and legal age to buy beer was 14 when I lived there. Belgium gave the world the term "on a binge" from the town of Binche where they board up all the windows and go on a week long drunk every Mardi Gras. Belgium only got speed limits in 1969.

    Beautiful country, awesome people. Lots of 50cc bikes when I lived there. I lived in Mons in Hainaut, spent summers in Den Hague, went skiing in the Austrian Tyrol. It was awesome. I can still curse or chat girls in Dutch and German. Great memories.

    I kinda enjoyed slinging brass in their hardware too! I don't know why all kids don't join the Army? It's like Boy Scouts with guns and beer. Machine guns and grenades, helicopters and APCs. They spent MONTHS training me in offroad driving. Wow. Ever ford a truck across a 5' deep river? Ever hoist a truck up a cliff? Where do you ever get to do those things and get paid for it. I got paid to travel around and shoot. Awesome!

    Kids, quit your job at the grocery store and go see a recruiter NOW!
    You'll remember the wild times for the rest of your life!
    (Not hard to get me off topic...)

    Umm, I'll make a thread about my stuffed cases to do penance for my transgression.

  11. gary55

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    Shame on you. They should make you drive a gamma goat from Bad Kissingen to Grafenwoehr this winter.
  12. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    The farmers in Austria had lots of Steyr Daimler Puch Haflingers as farm trucks and "Sunday-go-to-church" vehicles. I thought they got their name from the "puck, puck, puck" noise they made!

  13. gary55

    gary55 Well-Known Member

    This is the goat I was talking about. they fit in so well with the flow of traffic on the autobahn
  14. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    I had seen them, never drove them. About the same speeds as the Haflingers. Amazing vehicles, but slow...
    Much like our bikes.

    There was also a flat deck US Army vehicle that looked like a wagon but was powered.

  15. zippinaround

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    epic thread jacking haahah
  16. Arty

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    Love it!