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Sep 18, 2019
I'm 15 and have been riding my motorized bike down my neighborhood roads almost every day after school for 6 months now...no one to race around here so I do timed runs from my house to the neighborhood post office and back for fun. The road has some nice 1.5 mile straightaways as well as many hills and sharp corners...perfect motorized bicycle riding practice! Downhill on a motorized bicycle is an awesome experience since you don't bust your butt pedaling uphill and you can go even faster downhill. Just always check and tune your brakes as well as wearing a helmet and gear. I've learned how to corner sharply enough so that the outside of my shoe rubs against the asphalt during the turn...it's all about braking and picking the best line. Wish I had someone to race or ride with but I love what I do. Now everyone in the neighborhood asks about my bike if I'm walking down the road or going slow enough to stop for them, they're all confused by how I made it! Had one of my them offer me $500 to build one for him :cool:


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Jul 9, 2016
There are some young racers in the socal motorbike races below 18. One got 3 trophies almost a year ago in the go-ped or go-quad classes.