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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Huotalicus, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Huotalicus

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    hey guys hows it going i am curfrently trying to install a racing carby and the probles i am facing is this, the throttle cable used is too short for the carby and so it makes the bike race becyz the throttle is stuck open..... can anyone help me with this??? it seems if i can shorten the rubber sleeve with the metal tips on each end, i woul dbe able to simple use the same i guess my problem is a shorter sleeve for the throttle cable?? is this possible?? i tried to stuoidly cut one down and then realised its metal all around also ...its actually spun metal to incadse the wire inside.....

    also best way to bend exhaust ???? i am told to bolt tit ot a wood piece clamp it down and use a blow torch.....does it have to be bright red in order to bend?????


  2. jaguar

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    you have to use a rotary tool to cut off the spiral metal around the cable to make the cable housing shorter
  3. Huotalicus

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    wow thanks for such a quik response gotta love it!!

    so i have a dremel tool will that suffice...i noticed when i tried to cutit mysself with wire cutters its hard,m i tried to use the spliceing wire technique inwhich i ran the blad round and round until it cut the wire but then i cut too far and ended up splitting the actual throttlew cable...

    do u have any siuggestions on how i can be more successful please

    thanks dear friend really appreciate the help!!!! thanks so much
  4. jaguar

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    I had to do that when I installed a Mikuni 18mm carb. very worth the effort because the Mikuni works great.
    just go slow and be careful when cutting the spiral.
  5. crassius

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    you can always trim the nylon stops in the twist grip to get more length for the inner
  6. butterbean

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    I've used diagonals to cut cable housing, then standard slip-joint pliers to reshape the end if necessary. You could also use a tube cutter if you wanted, they're available at any auto parts store.
  7. Huotalicus

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    hey guys i actually just bought a 1m cable and perfect !!! Goes great excel;lent and same colour too