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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by fastboy9, Jun 30, 2008.

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    Just saw this on Z-Box's innovations page and thought it was great! Its a happy time engine mounted on a rack turning a chain to the sprocket. A very cheap GEBE alternative for full suspension. It is the second article of the page:

    Some of these innovations are ingenius! we need more ozzies in this forum!!


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    WOW! I can say I've never seen that kind of MB mount! I can see why they mounted the gas tank like they did, but OUCH! what a crotch-buster if you were to crash... :shock:
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    I saw that too, only thing I would change is to have the cylinder round the other way so the carby at the front and exhaust to the rear, thay way the carb is protected a little more and the intake doesnt get a mouthful of 2 stroke fumes (primative form of EGR lol) ... now all I need is a kit to fit the wawu.eu V-12 in a micargi GTS frame and I will be a happy girlie, that or the 14-radial

    Have you seen the 48 cylinder motorbike on youtube?.....

    Incidentally, when are you up in colchester next? - bring your bike :)

    Jemma xx
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    Cor yeah that fuel tank could end up nasty in a crash. I thought that would be the first thing to do on the engine as well turning it around, hmm maybe he had some other problem. That would be awesome riding with somebody else!! I dont see how you get away with riding yours though, I have to be super stealthy, like at night and on back roads! Probably just because I'm young i suppose. I think the arrangemtn of the bike has a lot to do with it too. First sight you think mine is trying to be like a motorbike, when a rack mount makes you think its just a motorized bicycle.
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    This could be the solution to me getting a Happy Time engine onto a ladies frame. Riding a bicycle in a long skirt is how it has to be for me due to my religious beliefs on modest dressing and I've been driving myself nuts with trying to get my new Gen II HT into a frame, - any frame that will suit me!
    I think I can do better with that gas tank positioning though. Something tells me that I would be better off with a cylindrical tank mounted just above the carby.
    Jemma, - I really like your suggestion about turning the cylinder barrel around. I don't like that long bent intake manifold he's using at all and the exhaust is perfectly placed for burning a hole in my skirt. Though it looks like he's already had something get melted all over the muffler - I wonder what it was? :confused:
  6. BSA

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    I wouldn't mount it at such a steep angle either.

  7. Sianelle

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    Yes that was my concern too. I don't quite understand why he did it like that :confused:
  8. JemmaUK

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    I've never really had a thing for long skirts lol - but it strikes me that anything abaft of the seat post and at a nice 70-80 degrees plus is gonna need some sort of shield about it or we might be looking at a skirt fire :???:

    There is another suggestion I have though

    Why not make up a mounting for a HT with the cylinder pointing downwards alongside the front wheel - driving to a 3/5 speed hub transmission on the front wheel. that way you stand a lot less risk of getting KFC'd or spoiling clothing and with a exhaust extension run down the side of the fork you wont get oily smelling either. you could even do it with the cylinder head facing away from you with the carb and exhaust traversly across the bike - the latter extended as required and the fuel piped from the usual frame tank

    Just an idea

    Jemma xx
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    rethink the gas tank otherwise great idea.
  10. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I'm having down time, awaiting drive assembly for my rackmount.

    Sooo, I remounted the friction drive kit onto the bike, minus engine and spindle. Next, I found one of my Happy Time engines and perched it atop the friction kit's frame. Since the motor was bolted onto an OCC bike engine mount, it sat perfectly level. Four bolts would secure the OCC mount onto the friction drive frame, then a 1" by 6" slit in the frame would allow the chain to connect to the 36t rear sprocket. The two rear support rods in the Staton kit would provide chain adjustment. The chain would ride inside the aluminum frame, and a goped 1.5L tank easily mounts on the right, just below the HT engine mount.

    Everything looks good, right?

    No. Even though the HT muffler could be tweaked to clear everything, the exhaust is too close to the seat. There is no room for a shield unless you shift the HT engine rearward. Four inches from seat to sparkplug is a good start. However, there is a very sharp angle between drive and driven sprockets when rackmounting an HT . The perfect angle is when the engine sits in front of the seat. When you shift this engine rearward, the bottom half of the HT sprocket cover needs amputating, which affects support for clutch operation and drive sprocket .

    With four inches between the seat and sparkplug, the magneto cover also gets hacked away to clear the chain. One rear support rod interferes with the chain, so both rods need to relocate forward. The HT front engine mount boss is now directly above the rear axle. The Staton housing needs to be extended three inches, or an engine mount 5.5" by 12" needs fabbing.

    That's why the guy who mounted the HT used a sharp angle to keep from cutting away too much of the sprocket support/cover.

    For people wanting to reverse mount the HT, you can run a jackshaft where the friction roller assembly is mounted. This will transfer the HT power back to the left side. However...

    When you reverse the engine, you also change the engine direction.Since the jackshaft now spins clockwise on the left side, how are you going to reverse it? Adding more jackshafts on either side won't solve the problem. Only meshed gears will reverse the spin of the jackshaft sprocket.

    If you connect the chain, the HT would spin backwards while the bike rolls forward.

    It might be done easier if the HT had a centrifugal clutch and pull start. Or maybe if a 1:1 jackshaft is installed 45 degrees to the engine's rear.

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    Well brought up ladies aren't allowed to swear :-x
  12. Sianelle

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    Jemma, you have such inventive ideas :grin:

    I shall have a play around this afternoon and see what can be done. The inverted engine with its cylinder beside the wheel sounds to be a good prospect for experimentation.

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    Alright fellow motor-bicyclists :smile: I have been lurking in my workshop and after offering up my Gen II HT engine in every configuration possible around a bicycle frame and generally terrifying myself with the sheer quantity of special brackets, mountings and countershafts that I would need to make I came to realise that I'm barking up the wrong tree.

    I have a need for a motor-bicycle that is comfortable to ride in a long skirt; is easy to get on and off; and won't be a nightmare to try and keep on the road. In the long run it would be much better to mount the HT engine as was intended by its designers and thereby avoid much bad language and needless piles of metal shavings.
    Only how do I ride it? After much examining of my archives I dug out these old French postcards..... (NO! - they aren't those sort of postcards :mad:)



    Yes I know these are quads, but it's pretty plain that they are a vintage semi-recumbent that has the all essential Gent's bike frame as a part of their construction. If I was to construct just one half of the quad using a certain slightly damaged Raleigh frame I have as a basis I'm sure I would end up with a very nice and useful motor-bicycle :grin:
    With great care in parts choice and a certain amount of cunning paintwork I'm sure I would end up with something very much 1920s looking. I would need to construct a cylindrical petrol tank and make various faux ancient brass fittings, but I don't mind that at all. It was the thought of trying to construct piles of structual steel parts to mount a HT engine upside down that was terrifying me. And as a traction-avant motor-bicycle it would have been a fright to steer as well due to the pendulum effect! :shock:
    Now I know what I'm going to build I can proceed (important that). Watch for updates.
  14. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Keep it simple.

    Robin engine, rack mounted front or rear.
  15. Sianelle

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    Got nuffing against Robins, - it's just that I don't want to use one for this motor-bicycle.

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    Sorry about the thread hijack [​IMG]

    Yes I have wondered about culottes. There is much discussion amongst the plain and modest community of women as to whether culottes are 'proper' female clothing. I think they are IMHO, but they are not easy to sew and I'm not an especially skillful needlewoman as yet. They also take acres of cloth to make which is a little challenging for me.

    Just as an aside note, - it isn't possible to turn the cylinder barrel around on a Gen II HT engine due to the asymetrical shape of the transfer ports. A somewhat annoying fact, but there you are and I suppose I shall just have to put up with it. :rolleyes:
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    Foot throttle GEBE & sewing lessons...

    Hey sianelle,

    I think i am missing something (not to mention alot of the things I wear - arent exactly classically feminine lol).. I am sooo not gonna mention my attempts at needlework here (I can manage to use a needle as part of the method for boiling an egg lmao..)

    If the transfer ports are assync type (schnuerle) and its a flat piston engine (ie it doesnt use a piston porting system) then if you turn the barrel round 180 degrees with the mounts and such it should work fine - unless you mean the porting between the crankcase and the barrel...?

    New Jemma research project - foot throttle Golden Eagle set up :). The problem with the bike I have at the moment is that using the pedals as foot pegs is uncomfortable so I am going to fit up some a handle accesory bar as a set of footpegs - then moving the throttle down to the bottom frame bar.. if it works I will post it :). There is also the advantage that I will be able to use my left arm for hand signals...

    Sianelle, if you havent already seen the thread I am planning a ride around america with my partners sister - I have some promises on parts and money so far - will have to see what happens...

    hope you are ok and you have managed to salvage some of the plants :(

    Jemma xx
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    Yes it's the transfer ports between the crankcase and the cylinder barrel that's the problem Jemma. They are shaped in such a way that they simply won't line up with the barrel turned 180 deg.

    Don't worry Jemma I am a very slow and hesitant needlewoman. I managed to make myself a nice Summer blouse earlier this year and spent so much time working on it that it was well into Autumn before I finished it :rolleyes:

    Wow, - your 8000 mile ride sounds amazing. What a wonderful project! I won't be able to do much except offer prayers and moral support for your enterprise which is something, but I wish I could do more.