Rack mount happy time??

Yes it's the transfer ports between the crankcase and the cylinder barrel that's the problem Jemma. They are shaped in such a way that they simply won't line up with the barrel turned 180 deg.

Don't worry Jemma I am a very slow and hesitant needlewoman. I managed to make myself a nice Summer blouse earlier this year and spent so much time working on it that it was well into Autumn before I finished it :rolleyes:

Wow, - your 8000 mile ride sounds amazing. What a wonderful project! I won't be able to do much except offer prayers and moral support for your enterprise which is something, but I wish I could do more.

Tis more support than I got from some people - but thats life..

As to the motor-by-wheel idea - have you considered setting the engine up so it runs in reverse of its usual rotation - apparently the HT engines will run that way.. if thats the case then it'd make setting up alot easier.

Im not really much into skirts - high winds and you spend more than half the time trying to untangle them from your legs specially the long ones.. I tend to wear fitted trousers or jeans... safer when you drop the bike in the middle of the road like I did yesterday :(

Jemma xx